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5 Weeks Today!!!!


Well I'm off the smokes 5 weeks today - HAPPY DAYS!!!!

Really can't believe it, seems like yesterday I was just starting my quit and here I am 5 weeks in - I honestly rarely think about smoking now and when I do it's just a fleeting thought that I tuck back to sleep again. And I was out twice last weekend having a beer outdoors and never wanted so much as a puff :)

Good luck to everyone else, especially all my quit buddies in Class of June 2011 who will be closely following :)

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Congratulations Blondie! That's a great achievement :D

Keep going!


You sound really determined Blondie well done! keep going.

Maria. x:)

yeah congratulations!! :) on 5 weeks im comming up behind you 5 weeks tommorrow for me too!! :D

Time Flies!!!!!

Huge Congrats on your WEEK 5.......its a terrific achievement.

And you're in MONTH 2 ;):):);)

Well done Blondie, how cool are you:cool: sounds like your enjoying your quit and im so pleased for you, a lovely post to read! ..over a month now! yay:)

Hiya Blondie - Still following closely just 1 day behind you! I think this is the first time I've managed to post in the right time-slot - this place is so huge I can't believe we are already so far down the page!!! No regrets and no looking back, ever!

One month, four days, 15 hours, 45 minutes and 19 seconds. 1039 cigarettes not smoked, saving £363.89. Life saved: 3 days, 14 hours, 35 minutes.

Great job, Blondie!

Please make sure you give yourself 100% confidence... Smoking even just one is the sure path to starting all over... Honestly, I can't say I remember one cigarette that was worth it out of the nearly half a million... Yup, that's almost 500,000 of the damned things... and for what?

I'm not richer, happier, healthier, or even contented.... I just did it, wasted the money, and wonder why I even started...

For sure I'm not counting the benefits, because there are none.


Great job on reaching 5 weeks!!!

Do not miss the opportunity to celebrate every occasion. Though I am temped to say you can buy a nice bikini to mark the occasion because on the 5th of July was the bikini 65 birthday, I won't.

Its a proven fact that blondes have more fun in general, so just imagine all the fun you will get now that you are a non - smoker!!!

I'll make 5 weeks this Sunday.

From a fellow June quitter :)

Hi every1 week 5 today for me 2!!!!!!! :) feeling great ive decided now is the time to start losing the weight, its been creeping on alot faster then i had expected and alot of people are starting to notice :o. Although they are really pleased its because ive given up smoking. I feel fantastic and i even went for a jog this morning and run for 30 mins and wasnt even out of breath AMAZING!! i could not of done that 5 weeks ago :D good luck every1 else x

Congratulations June quitters, it's great getting over each week isn't it? And the days are flying past :)

Well done Blondie ....5 weeks is great :D

Sounds to me like you are in total charge of your quit :D

Trev x

Cheers Trev, I feel on top of it this time, I really do cause I never wanna smoke again, it's as simple as that :)

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