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Yee-haa! Day 3, feeling free!


Wow I am feeling great now, a bit like a butterfly dancing in front of flowers. :rolleyes: Day 3 of the rest of my life. I can't believe I feel so good after smoking 25 a day, and on day 3. MMQs may remember that I had trouble with this time on my last attempt (this is not an attempt, I quit - I'll never smoke again, this I know in the very essence of my being) but this time round has gone much more smoothly.

I went to see an nhs stop smoking counsellor today, and had my CO levels checked. I was off the scale last time, on 34. I got a big fat 0 this time. Woop! Woop! Also, later on, I saw a dental hygienist at my dentist, who did the full MOT on my teeth, which now feel like a million bucks.

Thanks for your support, it is appreciated. Roll on day 4. Big smiles.

Love P. x

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Hi Paul :D

I'm so glad you're feeling good on day 3 and a big fat 0 on the Carbon machine

I think it makes a big difference to how you feel, as you say this time you've QUIT last time you only attempted to and theres the difference, well done

Also this time you're already feeling better as well

Keep :D :D :D


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


Whoop whoop Raddleman is back mind, body, and spirit. Feel that chi :p

CJM, how long is it for you now? *stares off into the not too distant future*

Hey, we are still MMQs, aren't we? :cool:


Hi Paul,

It sounds like your heads in the right place, keep going mate.



but even though I have been here as long as the furniture

Is that what we are being called now.... the furniture???? Fi.... it is all your fault!!! So funny :D:D


Great job! Keep up this attitude and chi and your quit will be an easy one! :D


Hi Paul, grat to see you back and you sound so positive, great posts and you keep dancing around the flowers like a butterfly! You have definately got your head in the right place this time and this is the right time for you keep smiling,



Well done it's great to feel Free


Hey CJM, yeah we can be both MMQs and april showers. The best of both worlds :D.

Nice cream song nic, slightly suspect hairdos. Bring back the mullet!!! :p


Well done P,

Your doing great and its so good to hear your in better spirits this time round.

Keep it up!

Is that what we are being called now.... the furniture???? Fi.... it is all your fault!!! So funny :D:D

Oh my goodness, I so nearly just peed myself laughing at this comment:D

I saw a DFS advert in a paper today and the first thing I thought about was your group:)

Lottie -x-


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