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Start of week 2. :-)


Morning all,

Ok.So I've now been smoke free for a whole week. I should be feeling great. (Well mentally I am!), physically feeing ****ty. So bunged up it's a joke can barely breathe. My head is hurting too! Let's hope the effects of the quit starts to show through my body soon a!?

On a brighter note...I made it to week 2!!!! Yayy. Go me. Onwards and upwards baby! ;-)

Kids are pleased and proud of me and reminded me to treat myself lol.


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Well done Lyds :D:D

You're doing fantasically well and the physical symptoms will soon pass.

And your children are quite right. It's definitely time for a reward. :)

Ha! I'm losing track I just posted in ur last post I think? well done on second week you should feel proud of urself and just think you can cuddle and kiss knowing that you don't stink!

The fact your blocked up may be nothing to do with smoking it might just be the time of year and there are lots of colds coughs etc doing the rounds, glad the craves haven't been to bad for you. X

Thanks DonnaJ am very proud. Lol I know they must really notice the difference a lol. No more guilt!

How are you doing??


Lyds, you are doing great - 2 weeks already, well done you :)

Stay strong, hope you feel better soon though. bb xx

Like the proudest bestie right now&#128515;&#128515;&#128515;

Thought I'd replied already!

Thank you Skiddaw, hopefully soon a?


Thanks all &#128079;&#128079;&#128079;&#128079;&#128079; thanks bestie &#128536;&#128536;&#128536;

&#128515;&#128515;&#128515;&#128515;&#128515;&#128515;&#128515;&#128515;&#128515;&#128515;&#128515;&#128515;&#128515; &#128685;&#128685;&#128685;&#128685;&#128685;&#128685;&#128685;&#128685;

Ha! I'm losing track I just posted in ur last post I think?

LOL, me too! :D Perhaps we should visit the rooms in reverse order, Donna...oldest to newest?

Anyway, welcome to week 2, Lyds! Sounds good, doesn't it! It's a brilliant achievement...well done :cool:

Don't worry about the "quitter's flu"'s very common. I had it at the same time. It soon passes.

Cheers, Steve


Hi, thought it would be rather rude not to congratulate you on reaching week 2. So well done, your smashing it!! :D

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