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week 2 starts here!!

Ok so I may be slightly jumping the gun as officially it starts at 2pm today... but I know I will breeze through so why not hop in now!

Sleep last night was much better thanks people, took something equivalent to a lemsip (but stronger) to make sure I was more likely to stay asleep. Woke up in great spirit, managed to have time to whip up croissants with jam, and some cooked ham with scrambled eggs, served on ciabbata!

Got some decent food brought in for lunch (I used to have coffee and fags for breakfast and lunch) and traffic wasnt much worse than yesterday which means I can have a relaxing walk in after parking (not having to pay for parking, and no stress from traffic) and get to work early.

Sorry for the ramble but I feel great (well still under the weather but the pros def outweighing the cons) and wish eberybody else a fantastic NOPE day!!!

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Very well done on getting into your second week! It sounds like you have had a much better start to your day, and with an outlook like that you can't help but succeed! Keep on going, we are hot on your heels :)


Cheers jim, yes much better start. Being under the weather hasnt helped. You need to start getting a move on to catch me as I will start my half marathon training tonight regardless of my day/how I will feel.

Perseverance will prevail where all others will fail..


What a lovely post to start my day. Your proudness shows through, and so it should, doing a great job,

Look forward to the updates ,


You're doing fantastically well :)


Thanks everybody, have found that I have had lots more energy this morning already, Feeling much better and even though I am still under the weather I can definitely feel that I feel better than I would have done pre quit.

I will keep the updates coming, but haven't felt a crave yet today, even if I do I will be able to knock it in to touch easy.... bring it on!!


Wonderful news that your day is going so well - I envy you the breakfast. First day back at school for children today, so my breakfast was a coffee from the petrol station. Didn't even think to ask for cigarettes, so that must be a good sign I think.

Better watch out - we other 2015 quitters are coming up fast behind you. See you again on Friday!! :rolleyes:


It does indeed :D

Fantastic post, Starting, bursting with optimism and determination. So glad to see you cruising along like this. Congratulations and may your road continue to be a smooth one. :)


Well sleep was great, been very positive all day and have had no craves! Have ate well (normally dont until evening) and have had loads of extra energy. Started my training for the half marathon today and had great day at work. Everything seems a benefit so I just cant go back to my previous life.... ever!!!! ;) oh and thx for the cake Tea. My posts will be positive is thats how I feel (im a positive person), however it is good to know that I can also share any bad times as well


Very well done. That breakfast does sound great. The 1st January quitters will get a nice welcome to the week 2 room when they join you tomorrow.

Hope your marathon training went well. I went out at lunchtime today and ran alongside the River Thames with a few colleagues. Also managed to run past a couple of pubs instead of into them!


Superb, keep up the good work.;)


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