I made it to start week 2!

Hi All,

Well I feel pretty proud, 1st week back at work after a two week break, and still managed to not give in to the cravings and habits. I know it is still only day 8 but am feeling more positive than the first few days.

Cravings are diminishing in number and ferocity, although the temper is still running high - does anyone have any good tips on how to extend the fuse time? Having smoked both tobacco and weed :o for a while, I was fairly relaxed about life, since stopping, I have a very short fuse I am ashamed to say. Need to try and count to 10 or something before responding to anything, as sometimes I respond first and regret later.

Just thought I would check in, hope everyone is going strong with their quits?



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  • thanks Boudee - i am very proud, given my first post was about self doubt, i now know i can honestly answer my own question, with - "of course i can"

    you are right about going back to being me... i am not normally a grumpy so and so, but glad to hear that it will happen at some point.

    Looking forwards to getting to the heady heights which you have achieved :D

  • I appreciate that we all have challenges to do each day with our addictions, which I guess will never completely leave us, however, you are totally right that there is always work to be done.

    It is true that if we all support eachother, as a group we can achieve our individual goals.

    I sometimes read posts here just to make sure I dont give in. Once you start posting, you know that failure is just not an option.

    My favourite phrase - onwards and upwards!;)

  • You say "only day 8"?! Dude, day 8 was possibly my worst! congrats to you because you do sound pretty strong :)

    The good thing about quitting smoke is that at the end of the day it only really depends on nobody and nothing on earth but ourselves. It may sound a too easy thought but in fact I find it rather powerful and reassuring! Like, you are in charge in this thing and no one else ;)

  • Good Job CanI!!!! See of course you CAN!!!!!! YAYAAYAYAYYAAAYYYY!!! Keep going you are doing great! :D


  • Congrats on the start of week 2. You should be very proud of yourself for having week 1 under your belt. I think it's time to treat yourself!!!


    You've done brilliantly :) :)



  • Thanks all; I did feel pretty proud, only thing I am still not proud of is the fact that I still am struggling to control the intermittent temper tantrums. :o

    If only I could get this under control, I really think that I would feel much more positive. I know that recent posts have been interpreted as me being positive, but I still feel so far from comfortable within myself. My partner says that we have never argued so much, and I feel bad because of that. I really hope that I can get this under control soon.

    Thanks to all for the great comments, they have definitely spurred me on. Strange this is, as soon as I log in, read posts, and start responding I feel miraculously calmer. :confused:

    Fingers crossed that the next post will be another more positive one.

    Onwards and upwards.

  • Well done for getting into the week 2 club.

  • Me Too..

    looks like we are on the same day..I felt the same way there for a little while..such a short fuse. I argued with my husband every day. It gets better. I find that excercise helps a lot with this. I am also into meditation and yoga so that gives me a sense of groundedness. I wish you the best!

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