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Week 3!! Really??

Well it's week 3 for me, can't really believe I'm writing this. It's been a struggle but with the help of my fantastic forum friends I made it this far. I know there is a long long way to go but I honestly believe I can do this by taking one at a time, using the strategies I have learnt and by posting on this forum.

I also know the nicodemon hasn't finished yet and has a lot more to throw at me but I'm so much stronger and ready for what's ahead of me. I'm aware the cravings and emotions can just come out of nowhere so tomorrow could be a very different story. I never imagined the extent of the damage that smoking can do to the body and mind but that's another good motivator for me.

So peeps it's 'Happy Monday' for me but am also aware it could be 'Terrible Tuesdays' tomorrow. So you all have a good start to the week and once again i would like to thank each and everyone of you for your kind words, support and encouragement. Very much appreciated!! ;);) :D :D XxX


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Well done that man!! :D

Yay for Rochey. Seriously, you're doing fantasicallly well. :)


Good going on getting to week 3, not long now and you"ll have that first month in the bag then we are really getting down to it then :) :) keep it up Rochey! X


You're doing fantastically well Rochey. Week 3 is a great achievement. :):)

Manage one day at a time, you are flying. Very, very well done. :D


Well done Roachy :)I know what you mean about never knowing how you will's a rollercoaster of emotions.

But slowly and surely we,ll get there.:D


You're smashing it, Rochey :D

Brilliant stuff. Well done!!!!


Well done, you are doing great!

Here's to a great week 3 :)


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