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Lung Pain When Breathing Deeply

I'm not to sure how long it's been since I quit, probably just over 1 week. I'm currently using the Nicorete quick mist spray.

Anyway, I had the Flu about 2 and a half weeks ago, it was really bad, and after the Flu I had this horrible dry sort of cough. It was persistent. It what made me quick in the first place. The cough is getting better, but I am told it can last 8 weeks.

I woke up this morning though and when I breathed deeply it hurt my lungs. I can't explain the feeling, like cement at the bottom of my lungs. But, within 15 minutes it's gone and my lungs feel normal. I fell asleep this afternoon, woke up and the same thing.

I have no idea if it has anything to do with alcohol. Last night I had 3 pints of beer. First time I've drank in a while.

Has anyone experienced this when quitting?

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Hi Joojar,

Sounds like classic 'quitters flu' to me. Have a read through the forum and you'll find that most of us experienced similar symptoms. I really don't think you need lose any sleep over it as it will soon pass.

And well done on your quit!! :)


Hi, does sound like muscle strain from the coughing, which wouldn't be surprising after a bout of 'flu.

All sorts of symptoms happen in a quit it seems, have a read.

Well done on your quit, that's great keep going. :)


Well this morning a woke up and it wasn't there. Although I was coughing a little bit. The girlfriend was smoking around me, but I asked her to smoke in the garden. I have no chance of relapse, I can't stand cigarettes. Even when I smoked I couldn't stand them.

Just wish this annoying cough would go. It's generally just a one quick cough type cough now, it was worse before so it's getting better.

Thanks guys. I'm on about 4 quickmist sprays a day now. I don't think I actually need them, it's just habit now, so once I run out I'd say I've officially quit :p


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