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Advise please re aches and pains on 3rd Week


this is my first post and am hoping for some advice

I am on day 15/16 and have gone cold turkey. Week one I had some bad cravings and headaches

week two started getting really bad aches and pains, all over my body. The best way I can describe it is like getting the flu without sneezing.

My arms and legs ache, neck you name it it is hurting

I am getting some tests ran by my GP. Has anybody else experienced this sort of stuff?

The cravings dont even worry me know, I feel so fed up, oh and have been feeling really anxious as well, had the odd sobbing fit too, mainly with worry

sorry for moaning on first post


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It seems that everyone gets side effects to differing degrees and also people get the common one's and also some oddballl ones. I haven't had what you've described however I've had some that others haven't (hope that makes sense)

Re. anxious, yes, had, still got that bad boy and also a bit depressed (symptom for me with that is feeling weepy:()

You've done the right thing seeing your G.P. - try not to worry too much I'm sure it's all just your body kicking up at losing the whole smoking thing.


Aches and pains is not something I have heard of specifically, but it could be caused by changes in blood pressure and the contents of your blood that happens very quickly after a quit begins.

I would suggest it's nothing to worry about, but since you seem slightly worried about it... a Doctor was a good call.

Anxiousness and feeling generally low are both perfectly normal - to get over that I used to walk a lot in the early days.... fresh air did me the world of good but different things help different people.


thanks for your replies.



Did you ever get an answer about this? I experienced the exact same thing. Exact! I mean terrible terrible pain and exertion.


Welcome to our community samijowham - this post is over 9 years old, inactive and members that posted on it back then are no longer on this community.

Have you begun your smoke free journey, perhaps create a new introductory post sharing your story and the issues you are experiencing with us, we are here to help in whatever way we can :)



First of all well done on your quit and welcome to the forum it is a wonderful place and we all help each other

Don't apoligise for having a groan or a rant most of us do from time to time I had headaches for first few days I think all of us suffer some side effects I get the odd twinge in my neck and shoulders try not to worry as this may make it seem worse

Good luck with the quit


Hi Sam and well done.

I know this of no use but empathise. I have had those aches and pains since I stopping smoking, as you say rather like flu without the temperature or cold. Have no idea why, will be very interested to hear what your doctor says.


Hi Sam

I had aches and pains in the third week of quitting too! I thought I was coming down with flu. My neck, shoulders and chest really hurt and I couldn't get comfortable in bed.

It did pass within 48 hours though.

Hope you feel better soon - the third week is a trying time.

It does get easier again - just hang on in there!


Hi Sam,

I'm on my 19th day and also stopped cold turkey. Yesterday and today my legs have ached and my butt cheeks (TMI - sorry), it feels like i've done a massive work out the day before and today i'm paying the price, could also feel like flu symptoms. I have also really been struggling with feeling anxious and panicky, you're not alone. The anxious and panicky days come and go and hopefully every day they will become less frequent.

I didn't think for one moment when I decided to quite that your body would put you through so much turmoil, it really makes you realise how bad the smokes really are. Keep visiting this site as I find it really helps motivate you and makes you realise you're not alone.

I hope you feel better soon.


thanks for all your replies, it has helped! In the past week I have felt like I am going insane!

Kipper: I spoke to my GP yesterday and he sent me for a host of blood tests. I am back at my GP tomorrow for a pre existing appointment and hopefully some of the tests will be back, however anixiety and weepiness at all time high including crying before getting the tests done out of worry. I will let you know how I get on

Hell7a: I had no idea quitting would be this bad, but I had been smoking for twenty years. If I had known these things happen, I would be ok, I like to be prepared and hate not knowing what to expect :confused:

It just makes me more detirmed never to pick one up again. If it is withdrawel, I never want to go through this again!


You are right to be determined, Sam... but I doubt these symptoms are withdrawals. If they are smoking related, they are probably signs that your body is healing after 20 years of abuse. As such, these symptoms are to be embraced - even encouraged if possible.

You are doing a wonderful thing, and these symptoms are your body starting to thank you.


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