No Smoking Day
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Day 5

That's another tick.

Moved from patches to inhaltor these last few days and seems to be a bit better for me, fills that driving around in the car void for me - and luckily looks ridiculous :cool: which helps to limit use :D:D

Not a long term solution but I'm finding this hard, so day by day by day at the mo for me - if I look after today, tomorrow can be sorted tomorrow!


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Mina, tick, you're doing so well hun :)

On day 5 I was taking it 10 minutes at a time.

You know the drill. You're only back here because of a sad event. You've been here before...but you don't need to be here again.

I get the feeling you can be quite hard on yourself. If that's in any way true...I totally understand...but one thing is clear: We ALL want to help you succeed, because by helping each other we will ALL succeed! That sentence sounded waaaay better in my head than it does on 'paper'. But hopefully you get my drift.


Mina if it looks ridiculous who cares, it's working for you, your comfortable with it and most importantly it's keeping you off of those pesky fags! Your brilliant IMO straight back on the horse, no messing....this is going to be the quit for you this time xxxx


Hi Mina,

I'll be thinking of you today.

Molly x


To all of you - thank you so much for your thoughts, your support and your confidence in me.

I will be justifying it shortly when I check in and tick off day 6....

Each one of you has helped me more than you can know and I thank you



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