No Smoking Day

Day 3 nearly done 👏👏👏

Can't believe how in control I am and not had a single crave today! In fact have only had 1 since the day of the quit.

My kids are so proud of mummy n daddy for quitting and been little darlings in supporting us and giving us a sticker each. Bless them lol.

Have noticed that although I'm no longer a smoker (👍👏😉) my clean clothes n coats still smell of smoke!?! Prob take another wash n air house out properly b4 smoke smell has completely gone?!?!

Got some treats for moi lined up 2.

Hope everyone else is doing well 😉

2 Replies

Hey, you got stickers!

Awesome :)

You're doing so well (including Mr Lyds, natch), you deserve to soak up your kid's pride. Kids hate smoking 'cuz it's totally illogical. Kids are v. wise!!




Well done. My mother and sister had similar quits to yours - very few craves. Well done but I would say don't let it make you complacent as it would be so easy to fail.

The main thing is to be ready if you do get any cravings and focus on the positives that you notice which should stop the cravings.

Be proud of yourself


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