No Smoking Day
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I haven't been online since 29/06 but I'm onto day 10!!

Hey guys,

I know I haven't been on since 29th of June where I where I could be found ranting about my 6 year old..

Well anyway, just becuase I havent been on I can truthfully say I haven't touched a single cigarette.. and I'm now onto day 9.

Even better than this is I've managed to do it cold turkey - I'm not using patches or an inhalator or gum or lozenges...

Might start to log back in a bit more frequently now.. I undid my 6 days hardwork in June, but now I've made it past that date and through a whole weekend..

Best of it is, I truly do NOT even think about smoking, I know it's early days, but in those 10 days I've had 3 cravings.. I don't even miss the hand to mouth habit this time round..

I think because I've had about 3 quits, back to back and about 1-3 days where I cave and smoke, it's been quite a number of days where I don't smoke, so the habit has lessened that way until it's reached a point where it doesn't bother me so much...

When is it that your chest starts to loosen off and become quite weezy and you get a cough as your lungs are trying to clear themselves? For the past 2-3 days, I've felt like I'm getting a chest infection, is this right for round about day 9/10 of a quit?

Not sure whether I need a trip to the doctors or not..

Also, my breath in the morning is horrendous.. I have NO oral hygiene issues at all, no cavities in my teeth etc, they get brushed religiously twice a day a nd I only had them cleaned by the hygienist about 2 months ago, so no gum issues etc... Is this normal? I'm too embarassed to kiss my boyfriend good by ein the morning (He leaves when I'm still in bed) because it's sooo bad..

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Hey Emma, glad to see you back :) My mum says it takes about a month before the smokers cold thing comes and you clear up your lungs. I haven't got there yet but am on day 28 so hopefully any day now.. ermmm mingy breath. Well I had dragon breath for the first couple of weeks and after that it was much better :cool:


Hi Emma,

well done on the 10 days and (presumably) not flogging your son...;)

I tell ya, I'd have swapped him for a fiver and half a bag of cold chips that particular day haha!

An expectorant cough medicine can help in loosening phlegm and hastening the lung clearing process.

I think I'll give the expectorant a go...

Perhaps, you're just more aware of it as your sense of smell returns. Has your boyfriend mentioned it? Have you asked him?

Go and see a dentist - lots of people have dental issues after quitting ..

Well, my boyfriend mentioned 'smelling sh*t' the other morning in bed - hahaha. That being said, we had our 13 week old son in the bed with us and now we've moved him onto formula milk - he does the most wretched farts.. so, did my boyfriend mention? I'd hate to hazard a guess as to which it may have been. :eek::eek:

I definitely don't have ANY dental issues, my gums are as healthy as can be and I have NO cavities whatsoever, I brush, floss and rinse... :]

Hmm, I'm so proud of myself, I actually feel like an ex smoker...

On my way home from aqua-aerobics tonight somebody asked me if I had a 'spare cigarette' and I just LOVED to be able to say, 'No, I don't smoke' and to look smug about it..

But whilst we're on the subject of 'spare cigarettes' - did anyone else get P'd off when people


I have nothing to say


I have nothing to say Was this aimed at me or bibleblack :confused:


Hi Emma :D

Glad to see you back and on day 9/10 well done you


Marg xxxxxxxx


Thanks for sharing that :confused:

Is this what that square-wheeled chap called 'wasting the internet' ?

Wasting the internet indeed???? If you have something to say bibleblack say it. You usually do, one of the reasons I have not posted here for the last week.


Uhm... :confused:


Hiya Emma and welcome back!

congratulations so far you are doing fantasic!

my life is well great now!





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