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Coping tips

So fellow quitters - trying to be a little pro-active here since I know my "blips" to date have been triggered by stress moments....and I'm a little ashamed to say that lighting up has actually seemed to offer some relief....though I do belief this is very probably nicotine relief driven rather than anything else since I am on patches but messing about with how often I use them since the plus is they ease the craves, the minus is they keep me awake and hyper! I am off and on them, cutting them down to size, bit of experimentation going on shall we say :p

The last blip followed a family bereavement, the next potential pitfall will be the funeral on Friday.....I know - life happens whether or not we smoke so...

I need to NOT use ciggies as the crutch of first choice come Friday

ANY help / tips on coping between now and then most welcome

Thank you all - as ever :)



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Hi Mina,

I think you should try using the patches in the 3 stages they recommend, this takes 3 months. I am on 3 weeks doing this I am also using the nicotine inhaler, for when the craving becomes hard.

I must say for me it's worked a treat:)


Hi Mina , I've found the spray really helpful , that and Paul mckennas quit smoking today book and cd . The cravings are getting less now but the ones I do have are quite strong , so a quick spray 3 deep breaths , and it's passed . :eek:


Hi Mina,

I would make sure you have some mini-lozenges with you (or something else to provide you with an instant nicotine hit should you need it). I really did find that having them with me helped me throiugh several events soon after quitting that would formerly have had me reaching for the fags (including New Years Eve and the funeral of a colleague on the first day back at work).

I love Helene's suggestion too.

Good luck- you CAN get through it and you will :)


Hi Mina,

I'm not really sure what to say other than, although I caved 3 days before my mums funeral, I didn't on the day. I did something similar to Helene, my mum died because of smoking and she was terribly proud of me for quitting. So, on the day of the funeral, I kept telling myself that if I still wanted to smoke I would do it the day after and not on "her day". When the next day arrived I didn't smoke. I was incredibly lucky in that I had three of my best friends turn up at the funeral to look after me. I also had all the wonderful people of this forum in my mind. I had such amazing support from here that I will never forget.

It will be hard for you but try to stay strong and remember how proud you are of yourself for doing this. We will all be thinking of you, just think of that if you start to feel you can't manage. We'll be there in your mind urging you on :)


Molly x


All the best Mina

Like Kat, I found that drinking LOTS of coffee helped as well as deep breaths. Also, telling myself that smoking will just make things worse reinforced my resolve.

All the best for Friday. :)


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