Tip for hungry quitters!!

Hi all,

I had a revelation last night....I'm on day 22 and have been slowly eating myself silly recently, I've been trying with fruit and healthy stuff as well but if the truth be known I'm loving eating the bad stuff more at the mo :D Anyway last night I made POPCORN! I got a POPCORN machine for Christmas and hadn't used it yet, it's brilliant, I made a huge pile of it and it's so low in calories and 'feeds' the whole hand to mouth habit thing, it's filling and to top it off my husband told me he read an article that it's a 'superfood'!! The machine itself was about £20 (4 x packs of cigarettes.....) and a bag of unpopped corn is £1 which if I had a bucket full every night this week I still wouldn't get through it all! You must have it plain though to keep the calories low, my second batch I tried some melted butter and salt :p kind of defeating my point but Yummmm....

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  • That sounds a very good trick. I have only put on a stone in all the time I have been quitting on and off. (another story) and I needed some weight was only 9st 7 and I am 5ft 9in. But my partner is eating for wales. so i will tell him the good news. xxxxx

  • Did myself an injustice!!!

    I'm on day 23 not 22.....how could I get something so important wrong!!!!

  • i just eat mints. lots of them

    doesnt do the digestion system any good tho lol :rolleyes:

  • I'm on day 23 not 22.....how could I get something so important wrong!!!!

    I think you're on day 24! Sure I am on day 23, counted the first day I didn't smoke, Monday, 5th January 2009, as day ONE.


    We need to be sure, this is very important

  • Good idea.

    I tend to chew gum a lot. I have a real sweet tooth. I have always been pretty slim, but I was shocked recently when I discovered that I had put on a stone in a few weeks! So I have decided to go to the gym regularly, even if it is just temporary.

    Rice cakes are probably good too. I do prefer 'comfort food' though. :o

  • I think you're on day 24! Sure I am on day 23, counted the first day I didn't smoke, Monday, 5th January 2009, as day ONE.


    We need to be sure, this is very important

    You are absolutely right, givingups first non smoking day was the 4th which makes it 24 days of no smoking by counting in the 4th.

    Great idea with the pop corn :) im sure the kids will love that and i will...will pop out and get one at the weekend :)



  • Airwaves chewing gum (regular or the extra strong) really helped with curb the munchies for me.:D and sugar-free lollipops!!

    Pop corn is good stuff - high fibre etc...but sadly not with the salt and butter:mad:


  • Just checked my quit counter, I have quit for....24 days, 9 hours and 45 minutes!!! Can't believe I got that mixed up :confused:

    Had the popcorn again last night...glad I've found a healthier snack as I've put on about half a stone already so off to the gym.

    Now, you might all shout at me for this suggestion but I was thinking of trying those 'slimming tablets' called Adios, apparently they are completely herbal and speed your metabolism up, surely this would counteract the slowing down of the metabolism caused by smoking???

    I've never tried anything like that, but I saw them in the supermarket last night and thought I'd 'put it to the board'!!

    Has anyone else tried anything like this? Do they work or is it just hype?? :)

  • If there is anything I know than it is that those things don't work. You can not speed up your metabolism without serious medication or if you just want to use more calories - gym/be active. As for them being herbal, the worst poisons come from the nature. So, they can be as herbal as they like, but most often they are not good for you.

    The only way those worke is either by dehydrateing you or by placebo effect.

    Sorry if I am blunt. But I have used so much money and hope and time on miracle cures... The gym is the only selvation. (Or if you can't, than just walk, walk, walk.)

  • I've found that the food cravings have subsided to a near normal level. Although when I started I could really see the weight piling on around my middle, but I just couldn't stop eating though.

    even whilst smoking I was either Thai boxing and strength training 3-4 times a week, and now I have noticed a small improvement in my cardio ability I'm fascinated\impressed by the changes in my recovery times between circuits/rounds. Food now appears to be in control, although my weight is still about 4 kgs higher than it should be. (I dont think the festive period helped at all either)

    The next big challenge will be in about 2 months when I have to cut weight before a competition.... previous cuts felt impossible without cigarettes. That'll be interesting.


  • Oooh a competition...kickboxing? Sounds great. Good Luck!

    So the gym is the answer, anyone else have an opinion on the Adios slimming pills?

    Milena, thankyou, it's pretty much what I thought! :)

  • No, those ones are way too scary for me...my Mum bless her and her 'lifelong yoyo dieting' has tried these and just spent her time thinking about toilets and where the nearest one was.....! Mind you I suppose it stopped her from thinking about food for a while....

    Anyway, hope we're all feeling good and positive about our quit, the general consensus seems that the majority are ok, keep srtong everyone.

    I've had a really good coupla days, but I find the minute you let your guard down or relax a bit and think things are eventually becoming easier, then nicodemon just peeps up at you and starts nagging away...it's like that game at the amusement arcade...you know the one where there's about 10 holes and the player has a rubber mallet and has to hit the little mole or whatever poor animal it is....well imagine that as nicodemon....! That's it isn't it!! Got my new visual to get rid of him!! :D

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