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Tired but coping well

I am so tired today. I didn't sleep well because of the pulled muscle in my back. I had planned to go out this morning but I am seriously considering going back to bed when the deep heat and pain killer kicks in. I am going to have a coffee and a brownie and see if that bucks me up.

I have had a couple of fleeting craves but they were easily dealt with. I thinbk I am going to have a slow day and rest up. I am at work tomorrow so I guess I need to rest while I can.

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ahhh hugs ellie :( hope your back is better soon good to hear your taking a firm hand to any cravings that try and kick in :)


Just take it easy Ellie, do whatever you need to and get your back better. The brownie alone would put be in better spirits :)



Awww, hope your back is better soon Ellie. Keep up the good work, you are doing brilliantly.

Brownie, did someone say brownie :eek:

Gaynor x


The brownie was lovely. The boys and I watched the end of a baking programme the other night and the girl put broken oreos in the mixture. So we made and it is naughty but delicious!

I have stayed indoors and finished my ironing. Just finished lunch. Now going to do some baking before picking up ds from school. Then off to the pool for his swimming lesson.


Wish I could join you Ellie, the brownies sound AMAZING!

Enjoy swimming!



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