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What's the ONE best tip you've had?


There's lots of great advice on how to quit smoking all over this board and in various books, etc. I thought it might be cool to put together a thread where people can post the ONE tip that was most useful to them in their quit.

For me, it was so impactful I put it in my signature file, below. I was told to ask myself one question: "How long will you smoke just to avoid three weeks of discomfort?"

That sobering question kept me on the straight and narrow throughout the first few weeks of my quit, until the worst of the cravings were long over. I knew then, and I remember now, that having a cigarette during those first three weeks to relieve the craving, anxiety, or other uncomfortable feeling would inevitably lead to YEARS of more smoking.

So that's the one best tip I've received.

How about you?

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So far ...

The best tip I have received is to remember that I am choosing to quit. I can also choose to smoke. This has helped greatly, as I have asked myself "do I want a cigarette?".

The answer is, of course, always a no when I really sit and think about that question.

nonico7 Years Smoke Free

We quit in the subconscious

The statement that resonated with me was austinlegro's signature:

"We quit in the subconscious."

It validated for me that I was on a mental quest & once I could accept sub-consciously that I was a non-smoker, then the battle was won, & everything else: craving, hunger etc was a sideshow.

It's only a plant. Not strictly true of course, it's much more than that but I link this to the need for pride and self-belief. Who can't beat a plant in a psychological battle? Come on the humans, stop burning foliage people! :)

Tell yourself you can have a fag "later" - obviously only works if you don't but it shut up my craves early on when the thought of not having one for the next 50-odd years was scary!!

Again for me it was one day at a time. I used to say to myself when I got up in the morning (morning cigs were my favourite) Dont have one today but if you really want to, you can have one tommorow, I never did, and that took the fear away for me also! I got to stage where I realised I hadn't said that to myself in a long while and I knew I was winning the battle then!

Keep posting on this forum......stay close to others who are going through the same thing, and don't be afraid of getting a bit of "tough love" every now and again!


Much the same as Haze.

Baby steps, one day at a time.

And I have never, ever looked too far into the future, never.

Fi x

one day at a time

belive you want to do it for yourself, x

Man up!

(Advice given by two people - by my dad and someone on this forum, tough love is sometimes required especially when you're feeling sorry for yourself LOL!)

P.S. To balance the equation an alternative piece of advice would be....before you cave, take a few seconds and think.......really think about what you are about to do and the reasons you gave up in the first place. Should make you reconsider.

One hour @ a timeOn the first day 1day@atimeFor the first week 1challenge@atime.Whenever they pop up. A mixture of all three for the first year.

No matter how tough it gets, just tell yourself this too will pass.

Practise makes permanent.:cool:

Mash x

£20 tip as a taxi driver during the miners strike. :p

Previous quits I always said I am going to try and quit, or I'll give it a go and see what happens. Never really had the proper commitment.

This time I told myself that's I am not smoking again and I believed it. Failure is not an option. Kept telling myself that this is the one. And so far so good.

So come on be possitive, you can all beat the weed.

Those first few weeks - do you REALLY want to go through that ever again.....?!

(That was in the back of my mind every time I was even slightly tempted!)

I think the one statement which help me the most was "why would you pay (lots of money) to slowly kill yourself". When this absurdity hit me, my resolve strengthened and the craves were easily batted away.

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