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Quit day tomorrow, deja vu!!!

Hi everyone, new & old. Well i'm back, tomorrow is my quit day AGAIN!! I was here last year (dont know if some remember me?) but i was doing soooo well but due to marriage breakdown in july/august, the first thing i reached for was the fags! Wrong i know, wish i never! But no point dwelling the fact is i want to be smokefree again & stay that way. I have a few friends quitting with me & i'm actually excited for the challenge. Hi to max, kat & gemmalou, you guys were very supportive and without this site for support i would've caved in much earlier in my last quit. Well i'll be back tomorrow no doubt stressing but hey ho, i'm so ready for this. Byeeee for now x

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Welcome back hun!!

I'm so sorry your marriage broke down, that's just awful and it must have been a horrible time to go through. Nobody is going to blame you for lapsing because of that - but you're back now which is fab :)

And you're 2 weeks behind me now 'cos I failed as well :(

But this time we're going to do it for ever :D

Lean on us and we'll get you through!!



Awww thanks sorry to here you had a blip too. But get knocked down and pick yourself up and try again. Yes we will do it & already 2 weeks in your doing great!

I'm depending on the fact that i have done it before, i know how much better i felt for it & how well i did. I actually did it for maybe a little under 3 months. Bring on tomorrow!!! X


Oooh yes, we both had practice runs, now this is it!!

Well we know what to expect and that it's far better as a non smoker than under nic's thumb, so we'll do it this time!!

So fab you're full of enthusiasm hun, use that ot get off to a flier!! :D xx


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