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A dizzy day one (deja vu)!

Hi I'm Becky, been a member for a while but haven't actually started a thread yet. Quit for a week and started again on saturday. Had last cigarette at ten last night. The last time I quit I did it cold turkey and it was actually my most successful quit yet so her I am again. Totally believe that reading people's posts on here helped. So thanks!

Don't remeber being this dizzy last time though. Any Tips for dizziness?x:confused:

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Hi Becky cant give any advice on the dizzyness because I was lucky not to get it but so many do so I suppose it is one of the main quit symptoms, well done for deciding that it is the right time to go for the quit again this is my second attempt, first one was 20 years ago and I lasted 11 months but wasnt committed the way I am this time and they reckon few people quit first time for life so we should both be ok this time.

I exspect there will be loads coming to give you advice and sorry I cant help with your major symptom but good luck and hopefully we will speak again


Hey Becky,

Good job on giving it another go! Its a bit like a rocky rollercoaster on the quitride and you'll be going up and down alot over the next couple of weeks :P

Dizziness is caused by the brain receiving more oxygen than its previously been used to getting whilst you were smoking, so look at it like this...the dizziness is sort of a good thing, and shows how much grief we're actually putting our bodies through by smoking!

Try and drink alot of water over the course of the day, sips not gulps. And go for walks to catch a bit of fresh air and exercise the body. This will also help with the increased appetite you'll start to get aswell as dizziness.

Keep posting and letting us know how you're getting on :)




have a look Here Becky and click Stuarts link. David.


It's better today

Thanks everyone for your advice, it is better today already, now just have the sweats. Nice! Been for a haircut and just about to pick my son up and take him to the park. Back at work on Monday and I think the cravings are coming fast and hard because I am a bit apprehensive after having 2 week off teaching (My boss rang in the hairdressers and I ignored it).

Soon the nicotine will be out of my system. Wahey.

Many Thanks



Hi Becky you are doing realy well and the fresh air and loads of water is the best way to detox yourself, I am going to do a thread about water consumption as we dont realise how easy it is to become dehydrated even slightly will make you feel achy and sh** this is one of hundreds but they all say the same or more or less so have a read and s`ee what you think.


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