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Day 26 ????


Hi all,

I think I'm at Day 26 and to be honest the last couple of days have been pretty difficult for me.

I can't say I've sailed through the quit so far, but for some reason I have been thinking about fags much more these last couple of days :mad:

I'm not posting to get encouragement/sympathy, but I think it helps others to know how we manage as individuals.

I just don't understand why I now feel like this (almost gave in except given all my ciggies away :rolleyes:). I finally had a Nicotin 1.5 mg lozenge this pm which has helped.

Trying cold turkey so abstaining lozenges, but boy was I glad to have that one :o

I read posters like Max, Kat, Tony1000, HAZE (hope I've got the names right) and am full of admiration and respect, and what they have achieved is such an encouragement. It must be possible - it is possible, it must be and I won't give up. :D Lots of strength to all of you out there. xxxx

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Ahh thanks debbieh. I am trying, really I am: I tell myself it's nearly a month, that I'm a non-smoker now and truly the last thing I want to do is start smoking again.

I will do it, I just needed to scream a bit !! :eek::eek: xxxx

Ah Bluebell, it's like that. One minute you're sailing along quite happily and then next minute you're climbing the walls for no apparent reason. As my OH says, it has a long tail.

Don't you go feeling guilty because you had a 1.5mg lozenge. That's what the lozenges are there for. YOU DIDN'T SMOKE! and that's the point. :D

The wobbles will get less and less frequent. Like you say, just look at all the big league players like Max, Kat, Haze, Tony, etc, and remember that they were once where we are now.

We're going to do this thing- failure is not an option!! :)

Just reading this Bluebell, hope you are ok :eek:

As for the lozenges, I wouldn't beat myself up about them whatsoever - they have been my lifeline. I took loads at the beginning but now I wouldn't even have one a day, just the odd time when the cravings get really bad and they deffo help take that bad edge off :)

Keep strong, you can do it xx

Awww bluebell.....its horrid when you have those few days when its seems to take everything you have to hold onto your quit, but its does get easier!

As Skiddaw said, dont fret about the lozenge, they are there to keep you on your path....

Keep reading old posts, tehy are always a godsend to be honest, they are all full of wonderful advise and honest stories that make you realise that we are all in this get to the same goal... FREEDOM!

Stay strong bluebell, it will get easier :)

Hi BB,

Hope you're feeling better now you're in the '4 week club' :)

Can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster at times, hey?

You're doing so, so well. Keep going!!

"There are good days and there are bad days, and this is one of them"

-- Lawrence Welk


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