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No Smoking Day
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26 day it gets better & better

:)I havent smoked for 26 days..of which overall a been mostly good...the feeling of leaving behind something bad..that i once thought was good..that i once thought was something I would never leave, I thought it was something I enjoyed,something I needed, something that helped when stressed or upset, something to give me a bigger buzz when feeling happy..I thought it was a pleasure to be had after a meal..A even bigger need when drinking alcohol/so******ing. It relieved my boredom, i thought it gave me rewards for chores I acheived throughout the day...something to look forward to in breaktimes at work................the list goes on..........but we all know what thought did.........:)

well done me & us xxxxx


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Happy quit day to you

Happy quit day to you

Happy quit day dear kit kat

Happy quit day to you

Hee Hee bet you think Im mad

Well think again i am LOL


Well done...and what a brilliant post...made me chuckle...and here's not to the the next 26 days...but to the rest of your life...

49yrs of age

smoked 25 to 30 a day for 36 yrs

quit date, 16th feb, 2010

lozengers, will power, and this formum


Thank you jamangie my scrummy friends :) happy quit tunes are v.welcome xx

lindyloux hoping so for another 26 thank you lv xx


Kitkat, I am so glad you are feeling better each day. It's the same for me. I wish I had done it year ago.


hi ellie we doing good..ive had too many failed quits to not make this happen & this time i know it..like you do too xx

ta chrissie i actually had that concert on a vhs somewhere live at the ritz 88..drooling like a teenager all over again..he is just so f.ing fit ha ha & song makes me cry xx :)

however it isnt 1988!! its 22 years later..& u know the best part i didnt smoke in 1988 & I dont smoke now xx yowzers xx


Day 27

almost a month ..this is very good x its sort of working this time..ta for all support xx


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