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ZZzz.. Omg a wall of tiredness on day 26

Well day 26 at work was great, got through all my work in quick time, and at 2.30pm decided.. hmm this office needs a tidy...

absolutely gutted my office and its tidier now than its been in 5 years, everything in a place now. :)


got home, was fine for about half an hour, then it was like someone flipped a lightswitch.. all my energies suddenly drained from me ... guess i'll get times like this, i'm used to being more lively this last few weeks, this is the first night in weeks now where i've been exhausted.

Guess i'll have a sleep for an hour and see how it is later :)

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Hi Jase :D

Phewwwwwwwwww what a busy day you've had and you have a lovely tidy office as well

Sorry you suddenly felt exhausted when you got home but as you know something like this can hit at unexpected times I think this is the body just deciding enough is enough for now

Hope you feel better again after a nap


Marg xxxxxxxx


youll be so glad when you go in tomorrow and see it all done though.

especially after an early night. you's gonna be feeling goooooooood tomorrow!


When you are busy nearly all the time, tidying up is a low priority task, but yep, it did look really good before i left, even managed to clean my pc which is now shining again :)

I had a little sleep earlier, only about 20 mins - 30 mins, woke up feeling much more awake, guess i just needed a power nap to take the edge off.

:) :) :)


hi jase well done on 26 days i too feel kind of tired more then usual but when it comes to bedtime it takes me while to settle, my energy is returning more then earlier in quit but still sluggish type feeling probably due to all the chocolate i demolish lol

well done 26days going into 27 nearly a month :):):):)


I don't mind tired, if tired is a symptom of quitting, then bring it on :), i just felt a little deflated after quite the buzz of a day to suddenly find myself robbed of the energy i was brimming with all day. :)


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