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No Smoking Day
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Day 26 and I soooooooo could smoke

Hi everyone,

Over the last couple of days I have had a lot of those fleeting I want a fag moments :mad: I am ignoring them the best I can but I wish they would leave me alone.

Last night when I went to bed to NOT sleep again I can remember thinking in my semi conscious state that I would buy just 10 in the morning :eek: I got up today, remembered & thought oh no you won't. Then I had a couple of 'just one' thoughts. I know only to well that if I want to stay quit I CANNOT do this, I have proved it to myself many a time. I know it will just start the whole withdrawal process again etc, etc.

I won't give in no matter what but I wish these thoughts would just B****R OFF and leave me alone to enjoy my quit in peace :rolleyes:

Sorry, rant over xxx

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i was the same last night.:mad:i even sent my husband out to buy 10.but i didnt smoke them.as really we all know 1,2,10 wont be enough.

my big motivating factor is how i dont smell anymore.i gave my son a hug tonight and ewwwwwwwwwwwww,he pongs.:D

you are doing so well,DONT GIVE IN.


Thanks imogenkate,

Am glad you didn't smoke those evil, nasty things lol. Yep, we all know the trap & what it means so just have to ride through it. I just suddenly feel myself being MIGHTY p****d off at times & want to kill something or someone :eek:

I agree with the not being smelly, it is so nice not too worry about it anymore. A chap at work must be a smoker (he is new) as he was sat opposite me & this morning I thought I smelt of smoke :mad: Wasn't till later I realised it was him & happily not me :D

Gaynor xx

PS Have you bathed your son now lol :p


lol,i think he would be very unhappy if i tried to bathe him,he is nearly 21:eek:

its odd how we didnt realise just how bad we smelt.

well done for getting through what wont be the last(i expect)need for that dreadfull weed.

this evening i am not feeling as stressed.:)


Funny, just had an image of you cuddling a little one hehehe.

Glad you are feeling less stressed now. Think I will toddle off to bed soon & hope tomorrow will be free of 'naughty' thoughts.

Thanks for taking the time to post :D

Gaynor xx


lol,i would just like to add i dont often cuddle him(not given the chance:mad:)but he has just split from his girlfriend.

hope you have a lovely nightmare free night and wake refreshed and ready to tackle a smoke free day.wow,day 27 as well.

we are both stronger than those ciggies.


When you fancy one, promise yourself one in an hours time, when the hour passes say no, I'll wait another hour. The crave should go if you can keep that up for a while. You two can't light up again now.


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