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Day 9


Yesterday was horrible, I wasn't really craving but I was in a foul mood all day and everything kept going wrong.

Today is a new day. Nine days ago I would have got up and had a fag round this time with my first cup of tea, the thought of that now makes me feel sick. I keep dreaming that I'm smoking though.

I've saved £67, and according to the quit timer NOT smoked 153 cigarettes!

Check in with the Chemist today, I have my prescriptions already but I like being accountable to the carbon monoxide machine.

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Way to go, you are doing great!

Those quit timers are brilliant, every time I look at mine I get such a sense of achievement, it really does help. Keep up the good work :D

Way to go Gemma, you're cruising :D

I know you had an awful day yesterday but you got through bad moods and things going wrong without your crutch. Every time you do that it's another win for your quit.

You're into double figures tomorrow and on your way to 2 weeks done and dusted and that's awesome.

Molly x

Well done Gemma!!

It was around day 9 that I realised most of my 'normal' triggers were starting to slip passed without me thinking about a ciggie.

Onwards and upwards. You're doing fab :)


Well done Gemma, we're smashing him to bits :D :D

It sounds soooo good that fags make you want ot puke - you've got the mindset spot on!!

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