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Interesting article about weight gain

nonico7 Years Smoke Free

Hi all - thought you might find this interesting - article about how gaining weight after smoking is temporary.:)

No huge weight gain from quitting smoking

AAP JANUARY 27, 2014 9:00AM

SMOKERS may no longer be able to use getting fat as an excuse not to quit after researchers found weight gain is usually temporary.

A study of about 1000 people in Dunedin also found those who quit probably don't put on as much weight as once thought.

Undertaken by the University of Otago and published in journal, Nicotine & Tobacco Research, the research studied people born in 1972-73 and measured smoking habits and weight at regular intervals.

The subjects were tested at ages between 15 and 38.

About one-third of the group were smokers at age 21 and about 40 per cent of those had quit by 38.

The study found quitters, both male and female, are likely to gain around five kilograms after giving up. However, their weight bounced back to similar levels of non-smokers over time.

Smoking also does not prevent long-term weight gain, the study found.

"We hope that our findings will encourage people who are thinking about quitting. They should not be put off by the fear of putting on large amounts of weight," head researcher Lindsay Robertson said.

"It is important to be aware that a small weight gain is unlikely to offset the health benefits of quitting."

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Iv'e been quit just over a year now and in the first six months i gained nearly a stone but in the second six months i lost nearly a stone, so you don't have to live with weight gain, it will come off again.

This is reassuring :) after 2 months I have only put on a small amount, I'm hoping with my new found energy by the summer I will be actually slimmer than before I quit :) good post that, thanks for sharing

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