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No Smoking Day
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Quit Smoking Without Gaining Extra Weight

Medical studies assures that about 10% of smokers fear to stop smoking because they are afraid of the kilograms gained by stopping smoking, and for this reason not to be your excuse not to stop smoking. I will present some tips to help you stop smoking without gaining any extra weight or any complications.

You can also stop smoking using some of the following steps:

* Stop smoking at once; it is proved that stopping smoking gradually is usually futile.

* Choosing a particular time to begin stopping smoking, as not to be experiencing heavy pressure.

* Some foods and beverages increase the tendency to smoking so you have to temporarily cease taking them such as coffee, tea, chocolate and red meat.

Finally try to get rid of any packet of cigarettes, lighters, or any other thing related to smoking in your house.:)

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ok.. that's enough now. Thanks and goodbye.



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I am thinking that for me I am very much liking the advices given by Sivalentine, I will be following very much closely and will report back on the many kilos that i won't be gaining.

Thank you please



Whats your ETA. should i put the kettle on ooooor ,it is friday. we...... could ......open..... a ....nice.... bottle of..........[ she looks left then right and whispers] "vodka" HE HE !:D


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hey you two, your highjacking a beautifull thread full of little gems of information!!!

Never mind your drunken debauchery talk!!! I'm sure there are spe******ed forums for that


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yipee got myself an invite, see you there!!!!


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