No Smoking Day
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Day 8

Hi all :)

Well made it to day 8.

To be honest I am not feeling too hot today, all self inflicted though. Had friends round for dinner last night and drank far too much. However waking up with a hangover has reminded me of another benefit of quitting. I used to hate waking up after a night on the sauce because that would have meant I had smoked far too much. I would wake up with a hangover wheezing and coughing, feeling ill and still I would think about having a fag. I would put it off until I could face it, but even then the thought would make me feel sick. And then I would light up and it would be terrible, the taste, the smell, the tightening of my chest. Disgusting. But still I did it.

But those days are done, woke up with the feeling someone that done something terrible to my eyes, but my chest was clear as a bell. Makes me wonder why I used to put myself through all that :(

Anyway day 8 is here and still smoke free.

Hope everyone is well and getting on with quitting :)


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YAY for day 8!!

Think hangovers are loads easier when you quit - and yes!! That foul mouth like the bottom of a bird's cage, ick ick ick!!

Ugh can remember going downstairs, feeling like hell, and sparking up - made me feel soooo much worse :mad::mad:

Huge well done for having a boozy night without smoking, that's fab!!

And it's fab that you're loving the new non-smoker you :D :D


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