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115 days...Whoopie!


Hi All,

I hope your all ok and doing well guys :)

Been away from here for a few days, just chillaxin...not really, had a life of nothing but stress lately....simply dont know how Ive coped :(

BUT...Im still quit!! 115 days today, and I couldnt be happier with my achievement...modest I know, but I think I deserve a little tiny bit :D

Its been a tough tough journey, Ive had so much thrown at me and Ive had excuse after excuse to start again. Ive come on this forum and spilled my thoughts/feelings, hoping that someone will say " have a ciggie, you will feel much better!"....if it wasnt for this forum, id have failed, its that simple.

Ive remembered my early days, thought about them alot recently. Im still on my journey, but im content with it too. I dont crave really, dont even think about smoking. My health has improved so so much, apart from yet another bad throat....the OH has a cold the big germ and its probably my body still repairing......and Ill suffer this throat and whatever for as long as my body wishes to punish me for causing so much damage.

thanks all, you really are all amazing :D:D

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Oooooh how fab is that?

Not thinking about fags, not wanting a fag - you've got this :D :D :D

Sorry you've been having a manky time lately thugh, Ihope things pick up for you soon hun



Of course you deserve to celebrate Magicmom!

You've got through bad times, though loads of potential excuses to smoke but you've kept going. You are now through the hardest part of your quit. What you have done is amazing petal, be proud, be very proud :)

I hope things pick up for you soon though, life can pile stuff on top of you sometimes can't it?

Well done and big hugs

Molly x

There is nothing modest about 115 days!

You deserve huge amounts of congratulations and back-slappings. You're an inspiration to us behind you on the road. So there. :D

115 is flippin amazing, imagine how out of pocket you would of been buying fags every day for 115 days, hope you are going to treat yourself to something nice :)

Well done Magicmom, bet you never thought you'd be able to handle stress or even chillax without a fag eh? Keep going, you're doing amazingly well :D

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