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Day. 8. Yippee


Hi all so here we are on day 8 and feeling good. My wife is much calmer today and things are less stressful. I should explain about our situation. My dear wife Patty had advanced multiple sclerosis and is confined to a wheelchair . She has an in dwelling catheter and is paralysed from the waist down. This makes it a thousand ties more difficult for her to quit smoking as sometimes it's the only thing that keeps her sane. But she is doing well and together we are doing it. Thankyou for your love and support. We will win together. Love Jonno

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Hello Jonno...and Mrs Jonno!

Well done to the both of you for choosing the right path and quitting the fags, they don't help you in bad times, sad times or down days...they just feed an awful addictive habit....make sure you both treat yourselves (as you will be saving lots of cash too aswell as the health benefits!)

keep posting on here xxx:D

So glad to hear you both are both feeling good! Its brilliant to take the journey together, well done to both of you x


This is the first time I've caught up on your personal history.

Your story, AND your motivation for quitting is...well...beautiful to read.

My very best wishes to you and Mrs. Jonno in your quits. I have a friend who nurses her mum through MS, so I know how tough it is on BOTH sides.

The world needs more people like you.

You're doing so well.


Seconded. And your wife sounds like a very brave lady. :)

Well done to both of you :D

Mr and Mrs Jonno, really well done on day 8, hope u both have a fab day :) xxx

Mr and Mrs Jonno

Hi everyone. Thankyou al Sooooo much for your kindness and support, Mrs Jonno aka Patty is doing well today, she is a remarkable lady who despite her severe disability also does voluntary work at our local hospice. She sits on the advisory committee and also visits the dying in the ward. I'm sooo proud of her. I mean I work as a volunteer also but she is just incredible and such an inspiration. Once again Thankyou for your support. Love Patty and Jonno

Good luck to you, jonno & patty. Well done, compared to what you're dealing with it makes me feel I'm squawking for nothing. Keep strong - you can do it together.

Great going Jonno and Patty, you sound like very strong people and I hope that helps in your together quit :)

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