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Yippee, day 3 and feeling awesome

Hey all, well this is my 4th quit attempt and all is going exceptionally well. I got an innokin itaste PV 3 days ago and without actually meaning to quit, I just have by accident. I love that I no longer reek of the smokes, while still being able to vape away on my tasty e-juice (fizzy cola bottles for the win) plus I can hand of heart say that I have neither missed or really thought about the 1/2 pack of cigs I've got sat on my bedside table.

I'm keeping them there for now, using a bit of reverse psychology on myself that I can have one of the foul little coffin nails any time I like, I just don't want to. This has been the easiest time I've ever had kicking the cancer sticks and I'm recommending to all my friends who are still smokers. Hard to understand why the governments are trying to stomp on vaping like a bug but the big thing is it's working for me :)

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Afternoon Kjarva :)

Many comgratulations on reaching Day Three. The first three days are the worst as I am sure you know from your previous experience and if vaping is working for you than it's without doubt the right thing to do. As many have (so rightly) said, there is no right or wrong way of quitting. We all have the same goal and whether we get there via cold turkey, patches, Champix, inhalers, lozenges, e-cigs or standing on our heads whilst whistling Dixy (;)) it matters not so long as we make it to journeys end.

I should be careful about the packet of fags on the beside table however. I can understand the reverse psychology and I know of other forum members who did similar and found it helpful but do be on your guard won't you?

May this be the Final Quit and all power to you for getting back in the saddle. I shall be rooting for you so do let us know how things are going on a regular basis won't you?

All the best.


Thanks for all the nice replies everyone! I'm pretty sure I thought last quit was 'the one' so I'm not going to be overly confident about it this time, I guess I'm just so excited because the vaping is really working for me. Every other quit I have literally dragged myself from hour to hour desperate to smoke but not doing it, this time I don't have any of that. My eventual goal is to cut the nicotine down in what I'm vaping to zero, then stop it altogether.

I know vaping can be seen as switching one addiction for another but right now I'm happy enough with that, as I'm no longer smoking and even if vaping turns out to be harmful with it's 4-5 ingredients in it, it still has to be a hell of a lot less harmful than smoking cigarettes and their 7000+ carcinogens. The flavours is one of the big things for me, reason being is that as soon as I decided 'right I'm going to quit the fags again' I didn't want to be inhaling anything that remotely tasted of cigarettes, since it would be that much easier in a few months time if I ran out of battery or something for me to reach for the cigs until a replacement arrives.

At least this way, nothing that tastes like cigarettes, I'm hoping if that ever comes to pass I won't even be tempted by cigs, because I will have long lost my taste for them :)


Hi Kjarva, well done and good luck. I used an ecig briefly just until I got fed up with it. I agree that any NRT is better than smoking and your health will improve. :)


Just to add am sure you know the score, hold tight to the forum read and post often it's a huge help.

It's of no consequence how we reach the goal, just as Long as we do.

A big well done from me, just keep going


Good luck with the quit, it was the 4th attempt by me too well the 4th serious attempt and this board turned out to be the missing ingredient with a bit more trying from me instead of expecting me to just quit with me doing nothing.

Good luck. :)


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