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Day 8 and I cant stop crying

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Morning was bad as usual, had granddaughter, dog decided to wee in the kitchen and my door curtain got soaked, (he never does this normally) had to get organised as was taking Mum for her follow up at the hosp (she is 84). Washed the curtains, told dog off, fed granddaughter got her ready for her Mum, prepared cassorole for tea (not all in that order). Had a quick shower went to get Mum organised hosp back, then walked into town and went to gym (to de-stress) came home and chilled. Then went to get veg etc ready for tea and I went to pieces crying over the kitchen sink. I just feel like curling up in a ball on the floor and rocking myself. Feel like I am cracking up

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it passes

I gave up smoking about 4 months ago,and lasted 7 weeks,am starting again tomorrow with the giving up as is stop smoking day.Just wanted to say when i gave up before i went through a crying phase,it does pass,my advisor said it's have "lost" something..keep going,it doesnt last long..

Hi Mel :D

It is normal to be emotional at the beginning of your quit I would dispute what Jacquie's advisor told her you have lost nothing and have retaken control of your life and that has to be good you have had stressful day so crying is just getting it out of your system you are not cracking up at all and I suspect you more than likely felt much better afterwards

You are on day 8 and doing really well and I promise you it will get better for you very soon just hang in there Big Hug is on it's way just for you



I do feel a lot better, had a good cry for half hour got it out my system. I really felt like running to the shop but I didnt want one and knew it was the last thing I needed. I also thought how I would have coped with today had I been smoking and for one I wouldnt have gone to the gym let alone walked to it and everything else would have taken twice as long to get sorted as I would have kept stopping to have a cig.

thank you for your messages it really does help X

Well done Trendy on not giving in,hope you have a great day tomorrow to make up for today.

Stay strong.

Marg, you are wise! I agree, you have lost nothing. I have cried on a few occasions. For me it was more like the frustration of wanting the craving to go away, as I desperately wanted to not want to smoke and had a terrible fear of giving in and smoking. Does that make sense? Anyway, its normal! xx

mel, keep going you are doing great !!:D:D:D

Thanks for your replies, im feeling really possitive tonight. Think because it was such a bad day (other stuff going on too) and I got through it with out a smoke and I am fine.

Big hugs everyone and thanks X

I think you are doing just great :)

Day 10 for me tomorrow, and I hit a real emotional, crying stage over the weekend too, i think it must be normal!

I still get craves, more so than the first week oddly enough!

Keep at it, and soon you'll feel so much better, my tearful phase has hopefully passed, and i hope you have a much better day tomorrow x

Crying gets rid of a lot of pent up energy..... so have a good go.... it will be a good thing...... I've cried, I've weeped, I've had a full blown temper tantrum :D:D and it does get easier. Sometimes it is hard to find the :) Coming on here helps me. Good luck and best wishes to everyone out here 1st day, 1st week, 1st month, or 1st year.... keep :)

"Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so"

Morning Mel :D

Hope you are feeling better this morning Big Hug on it's way



Morning Mel

Sooooooooooo sorry I missed this yesterday hum. hope you are feeling better today. i had two days like that day 9/10 but can honestly say have not had one as bad since. Love linda.xxxx

Congrats for quitting smoking this far...with all your problems too! You should be so proud of yourself. You sound like a remarkable person.

Day 7 and 8

Wow crying is such a natural thing for us to do and it do get a bit out of our systems and its good to let go sometimes....keep going and think how well uv done x

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