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:confused:] Hi all, i have been given up now nearly 3 months, i started with nhs, then found ecigs was best for me, as i have tried before and failed. My partner also gave up, by hypnosys, though he has struggled, but they told him to go back if there was a problem. But he has not, though i have tried to help by saying, call them. Well today he started smoking again, and since then i can not speak to him. Why? I have like i said, tried to give up before, this is the fith and last time, but part of the reasons was partners smoking, this time knowing what made me go back to doing that, its meant i have to avoid smokers, but am i doing the right thing, inside me i know i am. Yesterday friends came round, and one of them was taking the micky out of me, as they had a packet in their pocket, later they got the pack out and woffed it at me, when they left i picked up ecig and silly me, picked the lighter up to light it. So i know i will always be at risk of starting again.

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Hiya Dove...back in 2011, me & my OH quit together. After a couple of months, I caved in and threw my quit away. Difficult though it must have been for him, my OH dug deep and continued with his quit despite my smoking. Fast forward to 2014....he celebrates 3 years quit at the end of this month, I've just hit 10 months and looking back wish I'd had the resolve he did :rolleyes:

Dig deep Dove, you're quitting for you and OH will get there in their own time

Oh...and welcome to the forum :)


Hi Dovebabe

My OH started smoking again 3 months into his quit but I was already 16 weeks into mine. Two things really helped keep me grounded, 1, this place - you can rant and rave and everyone understands. 2, My stubborn streak. I can be a complete mule at times, and once I've made my mind up about something that is it - don't get me wrong there are times I could easily have beheaded everyone within a five mile radius but not once have I considered smoking again :o And as for your "Friend" - who'd want a spiteful article like that as a friend. Hopefully the vile stench now emanating from your OH will help affirm your determination to keep away from the cigs, maybe the E-Cig isn't the best option for you long term, especially as you have already tried lighting it!! Ideally you want to break the hand to mouth action associated with smoking - I would perhaps recommend you go back to the NHS and also invest in a tangle toy or anything to keep your hands busy - you could always try slapping anyone stupid enough to wave a fag packet in your face - I imagine the stress relief would be wonderful ;) You are in control of this, don't let anyone else influence your decisions and just remember the only difference between try and triumph is just a little oomph! And think how much better you'll feel when you quit in spite of your OH and "friend" instead of failing because of them :)


Blimey! heartbreaking post. I CANNOT believe you have such insensitive 'friends' (and I use the term very loosely in this instance), I really hope you have had words with this *insert expletive here* since then to explain what a stoopid thing to do it was (although thinking about it, someone who does that would probably just laugh if something sensible was explained to them, sorry to put them down so much but it's just not right what they did dag nam it). You are an inspiration to not smoke after all that, I doff my cap to you. Your post did make me realise just how lucky I was to have an OH who has never smoked in her life and it's only since quitting that I have found out just what i've been putting her through all these years! I must have STANK!!

After you keep going with your quit (and you WILL by the way) this will hopefully inspre your OH to pick up the baton and continue on the non-smoking journey, it's by far and away the BEST thing i've ever done in my life (i'm obviously not counting my 5 month old son in that though!)

Keep going dovebabe we are all rooting for you! :D


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