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Change in Mentality


I am new here and I am 10 days into a quit. Already I have started noticing a change in my mentality, and not necessarily directly related to smoking.

As a smoker I was obsessed with the short term; 'When am I going to nip out for my next fag'; 'Have I got enough smokes to last until tomorrow?'; 'I need to go to the shops in a bit to pick up some cigs'....etc etc..

But, it seems, without this constant worry of when I am going to get my next fix, my mentality is starting to shift to a long term approach. I am making long term plans; becoming more organised for future events and, strangely, appreciating the world around me more.

I guess this is the 'freedom' which is associated with quitting. I guess I am just surprised that this has touched other areas of my life and not those directly related to smoking. I actually think this realisation has hampered the craves and made quitting a lot easier.

This is only after ten days so I am looking forward to reaping even more benefits further down the line as I know a lot of members of the forum are a lot further down the line than me - and well done to you all.



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That's a really good observation, Nubs! Just the sheer complexity of the logistics - making sure you don't run out of rizlas, always making sure you've got a lighter that works, finding a slot in the day, finding somewhere that won't upset anyone.

I'm a gardener for a living sometimes, and I'd wait till the client went out to have a fag because I didn't want to get caught smoking on their time. Hang on...

"caught smoking"?? Christ sake, I'm 46 and still hiding behind the bikesheds



A very good post, everything that makes you think of something different is a good distraction. All the best, im giving up tomorrow regards Keith .


Until I quit I really didn't realise how much of my time was devoted to smoking. That was one of the things I found (still find, come to that) hardest to adapt to. I was so used to doing everything at 100 mph (when I've done X, Y, Z I'll have a fag break) that I really didn't know what to do with myself at first.

I've gradually forged a new routine but it's taken me a while.

Good post Nubbins- and very nice to meet you! :)


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