No Smoking Day
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Made it to Day 7!

So pleased that I have made it this far. Almost smoke free for a whole week! Yesterday was absolutely fine, really hoping today is the same. For me days 3 and 5 have been by far the worst. I actually don't think I had ever felt so awful and psychotic in my whole life :( . Feels a bit like I'm getting back to being more myself now.

Not going to get too complacent yet though.

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That's great. Day 5 today for me and I was really struggling this morning. A week is brilliant :)


well done gruff!

a whole week is a great achievement! Keep on going!



Hurrah that Gruff!! :)

I told myself at the end of my first week that I was never, ever going to smoke again because I would never be able to face going through the withdrawal again. When I get cravings now I just remember how awful I felt that first week and how wonderful I feel today. It really helps.

Well done though Gruff- that's a real achievement. :D


Well done Gruff :)


Still going...haven't caved. Just had a bit of a slump this afternoon though. Feel a bit grumpy. But not going to cave in and light up


Good stuff gruff :p


First week over now Gruff - can only get better :)


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