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No Smoking Day
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Day 5 :)

Hi guys, I came across this forum on Saturday when I was screaming and crying myself through day 3 (hardest day by far for me as of yet) and I wanted you to know that if it wasn't for this forum I would of seriously struggled. It was such a relief to read that I wasn't the only one feeling the way I did, so thank you.

I'm now on day 5 and couldn't wait to get back to work because I knew I would be more occupied and think about the cigarettes less. I am still thinking of smoking but not as much as what I was over the weekend which I'm happy about. I just can't wait for the cravings to reduce more and more because let's me honest their a right pain in the backside lol. I have noticed that my chest feels bad in the morning which I know is to be expected, but I have been getting heart palpitations on and off for the last couple of hours, is this a sign of quitting?

I think everyone on here is doing extremely well and should be proud of themselves. And a big thank you to everyone who helped me on Saturday, even thought you might not of known how much you did help :)

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Hi Lala,

First off well done for getting to the 5th day and overcoming the dreaded day 3, I'm on day 6 today but have experienced the same issues as yourself, my chest being very tight and a smokers cough which is now slowly starting to reduce.

Cravings are still very strong for me from time to time although I do feel that they are also starting to reduce, my biggest fear is the feeling of I can have one and get away with it which has been my downfall in the past.

I'm trying to stay positive, keeping a note of how much I have saved so far, how many hours completed etc



Well done Lala- getting to Day 5 is no mean feat.

You deserve a big pat on the back :D

Everyone on the forum is lovely and I am certain you will get all the support you need. I don't know what I would have done without them.

And nice to meet you :)


Well done lala. Im on day 5 too! The worst is behind us. Stay strong my friend! :o


but I have been getting heart palpitations on and off for the last couple of hours, is this a sign of quitting?


Lala you are doing well. Everyone is different re withdrawal but I have experienced the palpitations in the past. They don't last long and are usually related to the stress you are under. However, they could also be linked to the type - if any - of the NRT method you are using. :eek:

If they continue for too long I would seek some medical advice. :)


Hi lala

Congrats on day 5 :) I got the heart palpitations on my last quit I think it's caused by the anxiety of quitting although if ur still worried of course go and see ur GP.

With this quit I haven't suffered as much with the palpitations and I think it's because I am using a different perspective I can have a cigarette whenever I want one but I am choosing not to it might not work for everyone but for me it makes me feel less anxious and the last couple of days have been easier because of it.

In previous quits I have said I will never smoke again and to be honest that's scary! Of course we don't want to ever smoke again but forever is so much pressure!so this way I feel I have more control and the anxiety has lessened,taking each day at a time is less of a plod of course again this is only my opinion it may not work for everyone, keep up the good work :) xx


Thank you everyone for your kind messages and support. Its reassuring to know that when it gets tough I can come here and be with others who have gone though this challenge.

End of day 5 is going well now. I haven't caused anyone harm or ended up a single woman ( I thought this may be a possibility after the mood swings and tears I put my poor boyfriend through at the weekend, bless him) and I think this is a good sign of a more stable day. I look forward to the end of each day more than usual as I know that as each day goes by its going to get easier.

Thank you DonnaJ and Dicko for the feedback regarding the palpitations. Have appeared to cease now but were worrying at the time, fingers crossed they don't return.

Thankyou everyone and good luck to you on your quitting journey xx


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