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Day 5:)

Day 5 nearly done! This is going a lot better than I had thought which is making me kinda nervous! I have smoked pretty much everyday since I was 14:( now I find myself facing day 6 and feeling fine. I used mints prob 10 a day for a few days then maybe 12 on day 3 but today I've had only 1:) how is this possible? I regard myself as as heavy a smoker as the best of them and yet I find this is dare I say 'easy'.

Tell me the truth is it a false sense of security? Will this post come back to bite me in the behind?

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Hard to say, really! It may be that you will have a fairly easy quit if your mindset is right, or maybe the initial euphoria of your quit is helping you to ride high! Maybe it's something else. :o Whatever the reason glad that it's going well so far, but be on your guard all the time as cravings can come like a bolt from the blue. :eek:

Whatever it is that you are doing........keep doing it as it seems to be working!



I tell you what I think it is it's that little peanut growing in ur belly that's a massive incentive, I quit when I was pregnant too I think it's all very well abusing ourselves but when u got a babba growing it's just not on is it? Brilliant stuff well done to you :) xxx


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