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Are there any apps that cater for roll up smokers?

I know it sounds silly but all of the android apps I have downloaded are geared towards people who smoke tailors/straights/'real' cigarettes/whatever you want to call them!

All this means is that you don't really get an accurate reading for how much money you are saving. A 12.5g pack would last me about 2-3 days, so that's 4 quid over 3 days, smoking about 5-10 a day. Whereas if I were smoking tailors that would be 4 quid a day, so using these apps it looks like I am saving a lot more than I am.

I just want an accurate reading so I know when I can treat myself! Anyone got any recommendations? I guess I could just keep a tally myself but I like the apps for motivation :)

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Oh cool, thank you :D


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