First holiday as a non smoker!

And it was a complete success!!!!

First holiday abroad since giving up and if I am honest I was quite concerned about it, could smell smoke around the pool all day every day and sometimes I liked the smell :eek:

Knew for a fact that I wasn't going to cave but still a bit put out that 19 months down the line I could still feel like that :mad::(

Anyway, am very very proud of myself and perhaps one day I won't be bothered at all by it :D

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  • I was never in doubt, you did great , massive acheivement . So pleased for you. And yes I must admit I sometimes like the smell.

    Brilliant and do hope holiday was great:)

  • Well done Hellerscatch, though I didn't doubt you for a minute :)

    I don't think you (or any of us come to that) should worry about still liking the smell of fresh tobacco. I think it is genuinely actually quite a nice smell and I have several friends who have never smoked who like it too. There's a vast difference between objectively liking the scent of fresh tobacco and wanting to smoke (or actually smoking). Of course, the smell of stale tobacco is yuk...

    I hope you enjoyed your holiday. I bet you're all tanned and relaxed aren't you? :)

  • Thank you both x

    Unfortunately I have infected prickly heat and am in a right state with it. Went to doc today and he put me on antibiotics and steroid cream :(

    Still had a good smoke free holiday thought x

  • Thanks Netti, when I could see the cigarette being smoked it didn't bother me but if it was the smell that wafted past, it did :confused: x

  • Well done for making it through :D:D:D xxxx

    Thank you x

  • Hels

    Great to hear you enjoyed your holiday. Another 'first done', hols without a cig!

    Never doubted you for a second. Well done my love.

    Fi x

  • Well done to you! Glad you had a great holiday x

  • Thanks everyone, I am rather proud of myself :D

  • Thanks Max and a great big well done to you too :D

    I found myself watching people smoke around the pool and was intrigued at how ridiculous the whole thing looks :rolleyes: all those years I thought I looked good :eek: ha ha! X

  • What won it for me was sitting with the family in a pretty cafe in an old medieval town out there and supping on a coffee ,eating a cake when some old slapper lights up a Silk Cut a few tables away and the foul stench drifts over my grub-Not good!!!:rolleyes: and I thought-Jeez I used to do that and nobody ever I did complain-and she stubbed it out :p

    Love the fact that you've done that to people your whole life and then you complain. That's brilliant.

  • Una you are quite right and that was poor form to call her that :o I must admit I have become a bit of an anti-smoking Nazi these days :eek: and tend to regard many smokers as sad addicts who should pull themselves together and not let their disgusting addiction affect other people- which of course is NOT the truth of smokers,as we all know-but I find myself slipping sometimes into that mindset-sorry :)

    What a ridiculous attitude that is.

    Live and let live.

  • Well done Heller, I found my recent holiday easier without constantly thinking about my next fag, was in the uk though, I'm sure it's much harder abroad without the bans we have here :)

  • Thanks Nicky, funnily enough everyone went outside to smoke, I have no idea if it is the law over there but never saw one ashtray in an indoor cafe or restaurant! :D

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