No Smoking Day
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Come at me, day 2

Day 1 was pretty horrible, I must say. Stayed awake until 6am, woke up at 11. Not great but at least I slept eventually! My lungs already feel less dirty. I'm still coughing first thing in the morning as I would expect right now but it's a different sort of cough so I guess that's something :)

I'm feeling okay today and not even considering smoking, although my nose and eyes have turned into a waterworks! Going to grab some decongestant spray today to mitigate this as I cannot stand having to breathe through my mouth!

Hope everyone else is doing well - what a great find coming across this forum, I've been reading through quite a few posts and the support people give is just amazing!

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Hi Scarlett

I'm on day 2 as well. I can remember when I quit before being a complete zombie! All I wanted to do was sleep !!

Kat is spot on with what she says. Well done on the past 24 hours !!



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