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No Smoking Day
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Day 2 for me too!!

Well here I am on Day 2, and doing well really. Last night was difficult but today has been fine so far. The only thing I am suffering from is the side effects of the Champix today, feeling very sickly :( but all the time I am like this I really cant bear the thought of smoking which is fine.

I have noticed that since taking Champix my skin is awful, I have got really spotty recently.. is this normal? I hope it doesn't last. I am worrying about the weekend a bit as I will have all that freetime on my hands, but I guess I will keep busy and be posting on here :)

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I don't think the spots are becuase of the Champix Michelle. I got them and so did my OH who quit on patches but stopped using them after 3 days - his zits appeared when he stopped the patches. I think it's more to do with withdrawal of nicotine from your system.

I'm on day 12 without fags and the spots are starting to clear up now, hopefully along with my lungs!:cool:


Thats good news that the spots will disappear, 42 and spotty.. not a good look haha :)


I suppose we could say we look younger already:D


Hi wildcat

O.k first thing is well done on not smoking :) you have made a great choice in life. And your doing excellent thus far.

You might have one or two spots just now but once your spots disappear your skin will start to look more healthier than ever before. which is a great look on 42 yr old !!

The skin is just one of the benefits of stopping along ofcourse with health . wealth and happiness :)

Drink plenty of cold water - this does two things , curbs the cravings and helps clean out the system , do this over the weekend also.

You should prepare for the weekend , keep busy ...im sure there are plenty of things you could do ....some people tidy the house , some people do excercise ....it doesnt matter do anything , just dont smoke!!

The forum is here over the weekend also so keep us posted on your progress :)


Hi, They're know as 'quitzits' - wear them with pride;) it shows that your body is getting rid of the poison in it.

Are you eating somethng substantial before you take the Champix tab? I found that helped me. I felt sick all the time I was on the 'full' dose, in fact I cut down on it as soon as I felt I could manage as I was sick of feeling sick - but eating did help (then I just felt sick rather than threw up). But it was worth it.



Well done on getting to day 2! I just crossed the day 2 border as well. I'm finding it ok, but my mouth tastes icky! What's that about? I've only had 1 bit of the vile gum but my mouth just tastes yuk. No spots yet though... can't wait for those! ;)


Well done Wildcats - the Champix worked for me and I figure the nausea is a price worth paying to be free of smoking. I didn't get any spots, but a couple of people have said I'm looking healthier, (think that's a compliments - else I must have looked really sick when i smoked).

Carry on to day 3, 4 then week 2, 3 etc - you don't need the nicotene now 'just' the habit to break.


Hi Michelle :)

Well done day 2 is great just hang in there the spots are not down to champix I don't think lots of quitters get them and they've been nicknamed Quit Zits but they don't hang around for long


Marg xxx


Well done on day two Michelle.

The sicky feeling with Champix is not pleasant but all the advice here about take a large glass of water and always after food (force yourself to eat in the morning if you have to) really helps.

Keep posting, its great to see you so positive



congrats on your day 2 :).. heres to many more days and posts from you ... best of luck as you remain nicotine free :)


Thanks everyone, I just had a mini panic attack on the way home from work !!. Normally I used to come out of work and then automatically start digging in my bag for ciggies... I actually did that for probably 5 seconds and then remembered.. "I'd given up!!! panic attack!! I'm alright now, its just these memories of smoking are a nightmare:eek:


oh and thanks for letting me know about quit zits haha great name :) :D


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