day 3 for me

oh last night was horrible. It was really testing me and i nearly gave in

I had trouble finding things in my house and it really really stressed me out. I had to stop and count to ten a few times and in the end I phoned my other half to rescue me.

He took me out of the situation and to tescos where I brought a nice new jumper with dogs on. I would have probably spent the same if I went to the pub and brought cigarettes.

Looking back at last night I am really proud of myself for doing the right thing.

Hope everyone is well today :)


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  • Well done for getting through it Princess :)

    Believe me you would have felt lousy if you'd smoked - £8.30 on something stinky? Not a good deal but a nice jumper is - and the feeling of having beaten a nasty crave!!

  • yep it was a very nasty crave. All I wanted to do was go to the shop and buy a pack of 10 and smoke the whole lot over the road at the pub.

    So annoying having the pub opposite the shop in our village as it makes it even harder.

    Thanks Gemma-Lou, I am glad I didnt fall so early in the game. Im still determined to control this demon

  • Thanks Karri,

    Maybe one day he will be my husband :D

    I live with my parents and he lives with his, so its a great get away.

    And his family have 3 dogs and horses so its good to go play with the animals and take my mind off smoking :D

  • agreed!

    must stay strong.

    I am going to try and avoid the pub as much as possible. Its going to be hard with xmas dinners coming up!

  • Hi Princess, congratulations for resisting temptation, in the early days of my quit my OH had no problem leaving his tobacco, papers etc within sight, together with living in a maisonette over a convenience store I have no idea how I managed those first few weeks - but, it is doable, this is going to sound stupid but, you have to focus whilst distracting yourself at the same time :confused: I can heartily recommend 30 seconds of fast running on the spot/jumping jacks, if you're as unfit as me you will be so puffed out for a couple of minutes that by the time you've got you're breath back you've forgotten all about that craving, water the plants, brush your teeth, punch some pillows, scream, shout or even just log on and have a read of the joke thread, that got me through some real tough moments, Max always recommends logging on and putting out an SOS if you feel you're going to give in, wait for two replies, they won't take long, someone is always on hand to help - Keep going Princess, this is for you and you deserve more nice clothes ;)

  • wow jenninegs thanks.

    I am taking that all on board. Running on the spot sounds like a great idea.

    I used the counting technique last night. So many good ideas there to try out.

    Thanks for all that brilliant advice. Also well done to you living above the shop and getting through with temptation so close. An inspiration to me


  • hallelujah! Im feeling them vibes haha!

    thanks debbieh :D

  • So I still cant find the things I was looking for last night. Abit annoying and getting abit hot. I decided to have a cough sweet, which seemed to calm me down. I wonder if there is a hidden NRT in it :rolleyes:

    I just got back to work and decided to phone up to get a new card for the gym which is one of the things i misplaced last night. So thats one less thing to worry about now. I can go to the gym tonight yeaaayy

  • It's the sucking action hun, lollipops and gum are good for that too!!

    Don't know how much you smoked but I really missed having something to do with my mouth early on, ended up going through one of those big boxes of Extra a day :eek:

  • lol i need a smack, im so dirty minded......

  • lol i need a smack, im so dirty minded......

    You'll love our KK then :p

  • oou what does KK mean? :o

  • He's one of the posters on here, he's not exactly got the cleanest mind in the world :p

  • ooh its a person :p

    silly me. cool well hello KK if you read this thread *waves*

    im really tired this afternoon. Does anyone else find that they get sleepy at the beginning of their quit?

  • ooh its a person :p

    silly me. cool well hello KK if you read this thread *waves*

    Lol, you'll see him around - KitKat is his full name!! :)

    im really tired this afternoon. Does anyone else find that they get sleepy at the beginning of their quit?

    I was sooooo tired!!

    Was going to sleep on the sofa stupidly early, it was irritating :eek:

    Nicotine is a stimulant, and although you're on NRT, you're not getting the quick blasts of it you used to.

    You'll settle down in a while, don't worry :)

  • A few early nights wouldnt hurt. I found it difficult to drift off last night though I did have a stressful evening :rolleyes:

  • Yeah just be nice to yourself for the early days :) Curl up in the warm with some hot choccie maybe and a film

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