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day 3 is causing me trouble

after day one and two going so smothly i thought this was going to be easy woke this morning with a banging head. and needed a morning smoke but never had one i had breakfast and took my champix now i feel very sick i have had no side affects really and i dont like this feeling . hope it passes soon really need to beat this those horrible deamons wont feeding bad today lol roll on day 4 :(

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Hi Val,

Sorry, I can't help you with the effects of Champix. But there are others on here with more knowledge on that and I'm sure they will be getting back to you before long.

Day 3 (and week 3, and month 3 too! - the "terrible threes") can be a bit of a troublesome so and so. The good news is, stay quit and you never have to go through day 3 again. Ever! Stay strong and you will get through this. Drink water, distract yourself, paint the house, sleep - whatever it takes. Hope you feel better later.



Hi, sorry you feel so bad but you are doing well, keep it up it will get better. There is information on the website about what Deke mentioned its called the "icky threes" give it a go. There is also a lot of help about nicotine addiction on that site and, and dont worry about the fact that the site talks about going cold turkey it is still very helpful. We believe it doesnt matter how we stop as long as we do.

Good luck




hi thanks for your messages .

been out for some freshair and my brother in law just bought me some flowers that made me feel happier .i will stay strong i will beat it ....and the house needs a lick of paint so ill start some diy lol get rid of this smoke affect wall paper lol thanks xxxx:D


Hi Val,

am taking Champix as well and feel sick for about an hour after taking, I find if I drink gallons of water (exaggerated of course) it helps, they say take the pills after food but I still feel sick, it's worth it tho...keep strong


thanks kate i do take it after food and have not felt sick untill today . i have to drink water as i have gone right off tea and i loveeeeeeeeeee my cuppa tea lol

i just popped to the shop and as i got out of the car i could smell smoke in the air from the man in the car next to me and it really was an unplesant smell and as i returned to my car and got in it smelt lovely instead of stale smoke so i can now see why my sons use to hate giving me a kiss goodnight trouble is i cant get that back as he is 23 now lol ill have to make do with a big hug xxxxx


Hi Val,

I think the Champix makes smoke taste and smell very unpleasant - I didn't stop smoking till I was on day 12 of the Champix and by then I didn't like the taste od fags.......I had terrible cravings the other day and was like a woman possessed am over it now thank god and only have the odd twinge especially after food. I must say I try and avoid people who smoke as I think the temptation would be too great, will give that another week or 2.

Our kids are never too old for big hugs and kisses........mine is 25.....:eek:

how did that happen....stay strong xxxx


Hi Val,

im sorry to hear your having a bad day! i had a terrible day a few days ago, I know how you feel. Im using the patches which also make me feel very ill! As kate said, its best to drink water, she gave me that advise too and i find its working!

The patches make my arm ach terribly, and i get an awfull rash as well! but i find if its makin me feel ill, or even hurting my arm to the point where i thinks it going to fall off, its still got to be better than smoking!!

You've got over the first three day (well almost) and after that it starts to feel like such an achivement!

Your doing so well, keep it up!! (we can do this)!!

All my love, L.J xxxx


Hi Val :D

I'm sorry you felt poorly yesterday and hope you feel better today

I also used Champix and ut made me feel sick after the morning one, so instead of taking it first thing I took mine about 9.30 and problem solved

Day 3 is often a bit iffy for us quitters, but it will get easier for you soon


Marg xxxxxxxxx


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