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No Smoking Day
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Day 3!! Way to go me!

I made it to day 3! I am very happy to have made it this far...it's a very rough day, but I am hanging in here! Almost 73 hours no smoke! :)

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Welcome and well done day three is hard all the nic leaving the body so be over keep strong Linda xxx


Stoned Almost

Hi Guys,

I am feeling very odd today! It feels like I am stoned or something. I haven't taken any meds or anything and I feel dizzy a bit and just different. I feel dopey (in la la land) my own little world lol. Did anyone else feel like this?


Hi there no smoke,

Yeah I think everyone feels a bit weird for the first few days, I am still feeling a bit dopey but maybe it is how I am normally now!

Keep up the good work, you are doing great.

Befly x x :D :D


Day 3 is devil sent!!

Well done for showing it whos Boss ;)

Stay strong and hold keep your chin up x x ~Buffy x x


Well done No Smoke!!!:D :D :D

Day 3 is a killer. But sounds like your coping great


Glad to Hear I'm Normal

Thought it was just me, but knowing that this is normal makes me feel much better. I just had my dinner lmao - I had speghetti and it's only 3:20pm. I had to eat something so hopefully i don't get as big as a house! Still feelin' wobbly - thinking about having a nap! :) Thanks for the comments guys!


Hi NoSmoke,

Well done on toughing it this far. The dizzy kind of disconnected feeling is very common for the first few days. It's because when you smoked because of the amount of carbon monoxide in your blood there was less oxygen getting to your brain. Now you've quit, your brain is getting a big oxygen hit which makes you feel a bit spacey, but you'll accomodate that pretty quickly. Usually only lasts a few days.

One useful tip for the early stages is to avoid large meals which cause big blood sugar fluctuations and instead have small regularly spaced feeds which keep your blood sugar fairly uniform - some believe that the symptoms of withdrawal or craving are in fact wild blood sugar fluctuations.

I did this and also quit coffee for a couple of weeks and regularly sipped fruit juice instead which also helps with blood sugar. I actually quit CT without experiencing any cravings which I attribute to this. That's not to say it's been easy since I may not have had cravings but I've had other quitting obstacles to battle but that's another story.....

Good luck and keep visiting and posting



LOL - found Dicky's note very helpful and before I read Bou's note after Dicky's i had a laugh when I read the "feed" part as well! I thought it was cute lol! Thanks Dicky - keep em' comin'!



Whew I feel that I almost failed tonight! I haven't failed though - just thinking so hard about it!!! Hubby goes outside and I give him dirty looks from inside the house....it's almost 10:30pm maybe I should consider going to bed - this urge is killing me!


Heya no smoke x x x x

I hope you chose the going to bed option!!

And got through the hard hours x x x x

~Buffy x x


Day 4

Hi guys,

I chose the proper decision! :D I went to bed and have been out shopping with my Mother-in-law all day today! She smokes, but she didn't bring her ciggies with us knowing that I am quitting! We had a nice smoke free day! Still hanging in here! :D


Way to go no smoke x x x x

Good for you so glad you made the right decision x x

Stay strong

~Buffy x x


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