No Smoking Day
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Start of day 3 for me

Had another good nights sleep but the bags under my eyes since taking champix are horrendous! I've noticed the lines round my mouth have softened already so that's a bonus.

I've got a home blood pressure kit so yesterday I thought I'd have a test as my heart rate has always read between 85 to 90. Well yesterday it was 63...and I also noticed yesterday my thumping palpitations have stopped too...amazing all these changes happening so quickly!

I spent alot of time yesterday reading these threads and have gained alot from them...the only thing that dismayed me was that some people have had a slip months after their quit date :(

Good luck to everyone else whatever day you're on!

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Hey JJ69....Thats fantastic news well done to you:D its such a good feeling to notice you are feeling healthier if ya know what I mean:rolleyes:

I too quit with Champix and I think they are worth their weight in gold....they are fantastic....I noticed in a earlier post you asked if the cravings came back when you are finished the tablets....I can honestly say nooooooo...I have just finished taking my tablets and have had no worries at all and no slip will romp it in....Cheers Kez.


Thanks so much Ellie for your reply :)

That has put my mind at rest...Champix are absolutely brilliant and I don't think I could have done it without them. I've always caved in on day 2 in the past but this time I'm determined and the tablets have certainly stopped the usual horrendous fact I've remained quite calm!!! :D


No worries...I feel the same .......the Champix certainly helped me heaps....along with this forum and all the info I got from me anytime and if I can help I will:D


Well done JJ hope it keeps nice and calm for you. I too am dismayed that people cave in after months but I can only think that it gets easier every day and Ive done a month but you can never be off your guard


Think I spoke too soon :rolleyes:

The past few hours I've felt a bit jittery and bad tempered. Just hope it's the last of the nicotine leaving - kicking and screaming!

Got my daughter and 2 grandchildren coming round soon...that's sure to take my mind off things, not that I've been able to concentrate on anything off this chair so many times to do something and then forgotten what I was going to do (that could just be dementia setting in though :D)

Oh well....I'll grit my teeth and carry on!

Keep going everyone :)


I'm with you here!!

I can relate to the heartrate thing too. My heart rate as a smoker was around 90bpm all the time, now I've stopped it's averaging about 60-70bpm which can only be a good thing!! I am having the palps still and palps in my throat too? :confused: Think I'm just an oddball though.

Hopefully the kids can take your mind off things and help you remember the trivial stuff! ;) My daughter had to take the butter out of the microwave this morning! :eek: I'm sure I didn't put it there.... :o


My daughter just popped outside for a smoke and when she came back in she well and truly stank! :D

Never thought I'd be in a position to say that....roll on day 4!


My hubby stinks and I tell him so every day:D:D:D A good thing though..... a constant reminder of how bad it smells:eek:


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