No Smoking Day
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Wow - the demon has awoken!!

My god, someone must feel their grip slipping a bit!!! He's out on force today frying me head but he can excuse my french **** off lol!!

In a bit of a mood today but that's prob him as well!

Just reminding myself of how proud I'll be when I get through today! He can only get weaker, I can only get stronger :)

Also feel cold like symptoms so time for a warm cuppa and a scone :)

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Stick with it Mrs M, you can do it!!

No pain, no gain ;)


True that ladies! I think thats where i've went wrong on other quits, I got the crave and thought this shouldnt be happening, if I was in the right mindset then I wouldnt suffer. Therefore it was used as another excuse.

Just need to remind myself that its not plain sailing and I do have to put in the effort which will be worth it in the long run.

Aww Debbie, I didnt bother with the tea and a scone, ended up having tea, a sausage roll and a snack bar :eek: feel much better now though lol!!!


Attagirl, go Spudster! Listen petal, at this stage you can put pretty much anything in your mouth apart from a fag! Any and all means necessary are allowed to get you well and truly started on THE quit to end all quits.

And yes, if you can see the craves as obstacles to be overcome as you journey on to freedom it does help - not only are they meant to happen but in a weird way you can almost be glad when one arrives because it means you can tick it off, sort of a "that's another one I won't have to go through again" kind of deal. Plus that type of mindset means you attack that crave rather than letting it attack you - and the demon doesn't know what to do when faced with outright confrontation, he's used to masquerading in all sorts of disguises to try and trick you, ripping off his fake beard and glasses tends to put him in a panic!

Thanks Kat, I'll beat this bugger :)


Yep keep at it today....he is testing you. SHOW HIM YOU MEAN BUSINESS AND YOU ARE NOT GOING TO FAIL THIS TIME..

Max is right


Feel proud and say it loud !!



Thanks folks! Aww he did try early today but he must have got the hint lol so it ended up not too bad a day :)


When I read your title I thought 'well kick him in the nuts Mrs M, right in the nuts'

But I see there is indeed nothing to see here and you have dispatched your craves admirably.

Good work



Lol he got a good kicking alright Paul and all set for another one tomorrow!!

Bring it on ya boy ye lol!!!


Mrs Mash....

Gonna call you M from now on.....I just see him go past me in a puff of smoke :)

Well Done !

Put your money in a jar and treat yourself something really nice soon xx


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