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Wow, how strong was that!

I just replied to Greg's post then got into a taxi with a driver that knows me a d knows I've stopped smoking. He asked me if it was ok if he lit up and I said yes because I'm stupid. He offered me a drag 4 times and I said no (thinking of you Greg). Now I'm going absolutely flipping nuts and the shop at the end of my road doesn't close for nearly an hour! HELP !!!

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You showed huge strength and determination to refuse that offer Molly.

Don't do it!

I am now officially passing the "positive ball" back in your court!! :)

You know you don't need it. None of us do!

I wrote down on a small piece of paper every day "I have no need or desire to smoke" hoping it would get through to my subconscious ... When we really think of those words, how true are they?

We may have a fleeting desire but do we have a need?

No we most certainly do not....our bodies do not need to smoke.

Deep breaths, breathing out very slowly through pursed lips.

Run a deep hot bath and have an early night.

You and WE will be so proud of you in the morning we probably won't have the words to describe it.

One of my Nicorette Active Stop tasks a week or so ago was to go and smell somebodys tobacco .... I did this (after a funny look from my work colleague that I asked)

To be honest, at the time, it did smell nice and set my mind racing ..... but I did not follow my thoughts, I did not buy any....and I felt stronger the next day.

Treat this incident as your active stop test......YOU CAN DO IT!

Now get me the name of that taxi driver, I want to go and slap him with this bloody great fish that Sian left lying here!!! hehehehe

Stay strong Molly, stay with us

Take care




I'm sure you made it...

By the time you read this, you'll have survived that little scare. Congratulations! Wasn't that hard, right?

Just distract, and get on with something else.

Either that, or drop and do 50 pushups. :D


I would just like to say that this is the 3rd time I've tried to reply. I posted my thing while I was in the taxi on my way home from my dad's as I look after him and go to see him a couple of nights a week after work. The taxi driver who picked me up has tried to wind me up about stopping since I stopped and I try to show him that it doesn't bother me. He tried again tonight bit he reckoned without my dog Molly (that's where my posting name comes from) who growled at him to tell him to leave me alone! She's like Sian's fish Nifty!

I still can't believe that it's there so long after though. At least the shop has closed now! :eek:


Thanks DGee I managed but I'd still do 50 just to lose the weight! You just have to find something I can actually do:D:D


Well done you Molly, you'll feel great tomorrow knowing that you didn't need it or want it...and same for you Greg, good to see the positivity coming back! I too had strong craves tonight, don't know where they came from, maybe there's something in the air huh?

Well tomorrow is another day and we are still non smokers - hurrah!!


Kazzi, it doesn't matter what our dates are, you are my quit buddy and I need to be knowing if you're craving :eek:

Are you ok? I hope so because you sooooo much support on this site to everyone.

Stay strong chuck, I'm thinking of you xxxx


Aww Molly, thanks that means a lot :-)

Don't know what triggered the craves, but actually ****ysing them now, they weren't that bad and generally I get round it by just imagining smoking - the crappy smoke in my lungs, the smell etc and then I realise very quickly that I do not want to smoke again!!

I can't believe the taxi driver was taunting you and tempting you, I guess that makes it even better that we've got so many great folk on here who know the ups and downs of becoming a non smoker and can offer understanding and support!

3 weeks tomorrow - yay!!


Wow three weeks! 21 days, 504 hours! Do you know I found it so much harder in those three weeks than I have since. I couldn't have found it in myself to be so positive and supportive in the way you have been. That being the case, imagine how you'll be in a few weeks time quit buddy! :D


Yeah the first few weeks are hardest but needed to be positive as I think if I am negative I'm setting myself up for a fail. Like you I've done it cold turkey so think the worst is behind me now, and not going to smoke again ever. I gave up in January for 5 months then ended up starting again, no particular trigger just the "one won't hurt scenario" then booming smoking again. I've read Allen Carr this time and that has really helped me get in the right frame of mind to be a non smoker for good!!

Thanks for your support Molly :-)


Haha you don't mince your words eh Karri?!


Wow Karri!

Steady on girl!! Did you get out of the wrong side of the bed this morning or are you really protective?

Its ok really, at least I proved to myself that I can be put under pressure by tossers like that and come through ok, albeit a bit frazzled for a while! Nifty and Kazzi were brill when I posted last night and they helped tonnes.

Thanks for your support though, if he ever does it again I'll threaten him with you! :D


I know, it's pretty unbelievable and as you said, illegal!

The main thing is Molly came out the other side and didn't give in to temptation, you feel bad at the time but so much better when you've resisted!


Way to go Molls!


So glad you didn't nip out to the shop.

Do you feel just that tiny bit stronger for getting through to today?

The sun's shining, the wind has dropped looks like were due some beautiful winter days.....

....isn't life great? :D

Well done Molly




Taxi driver is a knobhead!

Way to go to you thou for not giving in! Those horrible cravings do go ya know.....

And imagine how you would feel if you had, soooooo dissappointed!!

Take care



Wow, he's only gone and kept his promise, been smoke free since November 30th, surely that's worth being wound up but succeeding! X


See you're a positive influence on all you meet!!x


I just replied to Greg's post then got into a taxi with a driver that knows me a d knows I've stopped smoking. He asked me if it was ok if he lit up and I said yes because I'm stupid. He offered me a drag 4 times and I said no (thinking of you Greg). Now I'm going absolutely flipping nuts and the shop at the end of my road doesn't close for nearly an hour! HELP !!!

Weather u no him or not.. I find that very rude that he shud ask u 4 times if u want a drag.. What's up with some of theses smokers that try to drag u back down with them.. Just make me bloody mad

Glad u said no.. It's prices u got the strength and power to say no


I think secretly he admired her Shelly

....or should I said was jealous of her?

I always used to talk to ex-smokers and wonder at their will power and determination .... "oh, I wish I could do that"

Next thing you know....we're doing it!

You've inspired him Mols :D

Is he fit by the way?



No, not really, but at least be won't be offering me anymore cigs!

Cool or what !



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