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No Smoking Day
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Demons are here - help

I thought i was doing so well, been out into town shopping to take my mind off being obsessed with time watching !!!!

Got a bit cocky with myself , thinking its all so EASY dont know what the fuss is about, etc etc...

THEN whilst cleaning up the house (again to keep my mind off the fags and the time watching, not because i enjoy it !!!) about 5 mins ago. THE DEMONS STRUCK !!! Ive battled them away but how they nearly got me to drive on to the shop for a packet of 10 :-( ANYONE GOT SOME ADVICE !!!

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Just keep beating them back. at the start of the quit things will be a bit hard. But after the first 72 hours thing will improve big time. stick with it things will get better honest.xxxxx



Have just spent the last 30 mins cleaning my fridge out and holding back the demons, thanks EBT Girl


I agree, just keep at it. I read posts on here when a craving hits, and if its a bad one I post and by the time I have had a reply (not normally more than a few mins) the craving has eased. Keep on trucking, it really does get easier!


This sometimes helped me. I just remembered that I can go to get cigs anytime I want, I just choose not to go get them. I'm not smoking because I choose not to smoke. I am stonger than any nicodemon in my mind!

Quit: Jan 18, 2009

Method: Ct


Hi EBT Girl,

Keep up the good work and you will beat the demons if you look at my signature you will find a couple of useful links the whyquit one should have a lot of information for you to read and by then the urge will have lessened. Stick with it, it is worth it in the end.



Hi EBTG and welcome-well done on making the decision to quit.

Something I found useful in the early days was to make a list of those little 10 minute jobs that always seem to need doing but never seem to get done!

Whenever the evil Nic came knocking, I just looked at the list and got on with it! Sounds like you're halfway there already with cleaning the fridge but I also emptied the airing cupboard, sorted my kitchen cupboards (one at a time), filed and painted my nails, cleaned the oven, swept the drive, patio, etc...the list was infinite!

The cravings will get weaker until they become nothing more than a passing thought-just stay strong-you can do this!


Hang in there!!! How about a hot long bath/shower?!! It helped me a lot. I should NOT admit to my secret of battling the demons BUT I want to help so here goes my secret..... romance novels :D:D:D I'm serious..... they are so dumb.... it is easy enough to concentrate on them :) I'm being silly..... trying to distract you...... but I am in the US and I just realized you are probably sleeping by now! So tomorrow will be much better for you!!!


Hi EBT Girl

It will get better I promise and deep down you know that just as you know what these b........d demons :eek: can do sneaky little sods that they are just hang on

Do what you are doing come on here, scream for help you know you will get it rant and rave anything you like that will get you through this also Read, read and then read some more it all helps

Or maybe just plan what you will spend all that money you are going to save by stopping when the crave goes and if another hits go into more detail and so on it will at least distract you which is all you need JUST DON'T LIGHT UP

Good Luck :)

Marg xx


Good morning EBTG!:)

How are you feeling this morning? Well 1 day down-well done you! Stay focused and strong-YOU CAN DO THIS!, i suggest you do lots of reading on quitting today, and why dont you write a list of the reasons why you have stopped smoking today-just to remind yourself?

Well i hope you have a better day today-warm wishes xxxxx


Morning EBTG.. hope you made it through the night OK...

During my numerous attempts :) I found it helped to think of the first week as like having a bad cold..

..and when you have a cold you take various pain killers to get rid of the headache (works just as well for withdrawal), stay in doors and generally just wait it out, because as with quitting smoking, after a week or so you are feeling 1000 times better.

after all, a week or 10 days is nothing in terms of the rest of your life.

good luck!


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