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day 2 and time is dragging

I have never attempted to quit before and so far I have gone 42 hours without a smoke completely cold turkey. I am quite proud of myself but I am finding it harder and harder to distract myself. In the past hour and a half I have vaccumed, cleaned kitchen and dining room, weeded the garden completely, using a shovel for most of it, done twenty minutes on the treadmill absolutely pounding away and sweating profusely and I have lost count of how many glasses of water I have chugged down and I am still fidgety and struggling to keep the cravings at bay. The one thing that is keeping me from lighting up is telling myself that I can have a smoke whenever I want one and for some reason that makes this a little easier.

I just looked out the window at someone walking past my house having a smoke and wow, the urge to race out there and follow him for a little bit of passive smoking was quite intense. It makes me laugh to imagine doing that; the poor man would have been so freaked out! hahaha.

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Well done on 2 smoke free days. Some great advice I was given is to read, read and read some more. When a crave hits jump on the forum and either read or post. There will always be someone here to answer you. Another thing which may make it easier for you, don't think of going for an extended length of time. Think about your day am hour at a time or in sections i.e. before breakfast, leaving kids to school, morning break, lunch, etc.

you can do this


Thankyou John and Mark for the suppport; I never thought I'd need it as much as I do. Mark, I love your idea about breaking up the day into sections, that is a great method.

I'm now going into the night time and have had a couple of outbursts of emotion (crying and a bit of rage). My husband is doing this with me and together we have leaned on each other and have rode the waves together while trying to cope with being parents to two young boys while on this ride. I'm holding out for wednesday when it is day four and my sense of smell and taste is due to increase.

Another benefit to giving up smoking is that I have never in my life been so hydrated!! I am pretty sure I've hit the twenty mark for glasses of water today alone :)


Really well done Lisa, on your day 2 cold turkey.

I am now on day 9, i find mornings and evenings the easiest, middle of the day is the hardest part and like you have been really keeping myself busy to the point that my house will be the cleanest it's ever been and i will have run out of things to do!!!

If i get to that stage of really struggling and i've had a lot of those!!! picking up the phone to talk to someone helps, mum, sister, anyone.....

Keep going you're doing it amazing



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