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Day 2 - could it drag any slower?

Woke up on Day 2 today, quitting with patches. My eyes opened and all I could think and see was 'smoke'..... Hasn't got much easier as the morning's progressed... :( Found myself shouting at the cat this morning.... All he did was miaow!

Had my last cigarette Sunday evening. Yesterday wasn't as bad as I imagined it would be. Today is rough! Have compensated by eating non stop all morning... Which really isn't the answer!! My main fear of quitting is weight gain!

Can any one help? Share experiences? Let me know about the days ahead?

M xx:confused:

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M, firstly, don't worry about the eating, if it get's you through the first couple of weeks what the hell. Day 2 and 3 can get tough, but believe me it DOES get better. Try to relax (I know, easier said than done).

Remember all the positive things about not smoking, it won't help anything to smoke, and all you have to do is put up with maybe a few niggly days and then things should turn a corner. Find things that make you smile, laugh, sing, cry, shout, anything to let out emotion, you will feel better afterwards.

Read up on as much stuff as you can to understand what changes your body is going through, keep in mind your reasons for not smoking and stay positive.

Believe me, it is worth the journey,

Keep us posted,

Lorraine :)


I'm on day 2 as well. Only got a couple of hours sleep last night, so I feel pretty grouchy as well. :(

Only one more day of nicotine withdrawal and we're over the worst. I hate wishing time away - makes you realise how much of your time was occupied with smoking doesn't it?!


Today is rough! Have compensated by eating non stop all morning... Which really isn't the answer!! My main fear of quitting is weight gain!

Can any one help? :

I too am frightened of gaining weight. I'm going for loads of walks and although eating a lot am trying to make meals filling with lots of veg etc. Am eating enough fruit for england.:D I also buy sugar free boiled sweets from Morrisons, only 8 calories each and last ages.:) I do succumb at times to the chocolate though.:o


Thanks for all your posts and advice and experiences! I was seriously lagging this morning and was ready to hop to the shop and buy ciggies when the phone at work rang and it was the local Smoking Cessation group wanting to put out an announcement about No Smoking Day!!! Now if that wasn't a sign!! Anyway, I told them they phoned at just the right time and explained that I was on Day 2 and struggling!! A lovely lady called me back on my lunch hour and we spoke at length about things! It's a fantastic service and after our 20 min conversation, I felt really motivated and ready to keep going!

Things like that and your own posts on the threads here have been and continue to be a huge help for me personally and I'm sure for a lot of yourselves?

I'm trying to replace eating with sugar free chewing gum and water.... But the occasional bag of buttons is sneaking in!!! I went to the gym last night with great intentions, got changed and then walked into the gym room and there was already a queue of people waiting to use the machines!! So that went out the window but hopefully tonight will be quieter!

Good luck to you all and well done on doing so well this far!

M x


Hi Mackay glad to see that the day did get better for you. The first few days can be hard but it does get better and it is worth it.

Well done for staying strong, now onwards and upwards.


Good to hear day 2 got better for you ....

Now onwards and upwards for day 3, :D


Hi McKay

Hope you are feeling better and day 2 is almost over.

I can honestly say that the worst day of my entire quit so far was day 2...but I got through it and what keeps me going is that I will never have to go through that hell again. It takes time but it does get better,,,

Good luck



Well done

I am sure you breezed through day 2 in the end, day 3 is a well renowned toughie, but you'll sail through that too!

I started eating to take my mind off the cravings, and 29 days later I am still stuffing my face!! I figured as long as I'm not smoking i can deal with any weight gain when I am non-smoker, rather than an ex-smoker, whenever that will be!!! Hopefully soon, before I start getting mistaken for a baby elephant!



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