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hi all day 2 and feeling it at times

Well guys and girls, new to the forum and have just completed the first 48 hours. Just done on will power and no aids, i gave up for 4 years a while back so know how hard it is to kick the weed. Now 45 years old and need to make the effort for long term health benefits, hopefully i can stay off them for good now, cant smoke at work, have never smoked in the house or in front of the kids so have been a bit of a secret smoker over the past few years not even letting the other half know i have been smoking, so have no support on the home front. Not one to set new years resolutions but the time just felt right with others at work giving up, so heres to a smoke free healthy future to you all.

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Hi & welcome to you,

You will get so much help & support here. It is never too late to quit smoking. The important thing is you do or keep trying till it sticks. We are all here in the same boat & at some stage or another so there is a welath of support. There are loads of links in peoples signatures with great sites or pieces of advice. Read, read, read, post, post post. You are choosing the best possible path in your life & we are all here for you. :D

Gaynor xx



Hi Gaynor,

thanks for the support i'm sure i will be needing it over the coming few days, weeks, months. Looking forward to connecting with a few others and giving support where i can.



I am sure the others will be along soon Marcus tho' it is getting late lol.

Have sent you an invite to the jANUARY quiiters group if you would like to join.


welcome marcus - this is a great place to get you through the tough times.

I hid from the kids too, so I know where you're coming from. I still find my toughest craves are when my OH takes the boys out for a while and I have some time to myself, because the first thing I would always do would be have a cig.

I find I'm so much calmer now, because I'm not always looking for the next opportunity to sneak away and have one. Thought I'd be more impatient with the kids, but actually it makes me much more tolerant!

As gaynor said - read LOTS, it helps to get your head in the right place to maintain the quit. And stick around here, everyone is so supportive, it makes a huge difference to know you're not alone.

Good luck with your quit!



Hi Marcus and welcome to the Forum

You'll find this forum a great help, I know I do. This is my third day and to be honest, had a terrible day yesterday, old Nick O'Teen was doing his best to coax me into a smoke! Thankfully I didn't give in and woke up this morning so relieved that I didn't smoke. Went for a 4 mile run and feel like a million dollars.

You've been in this position before (I have too, quit last year for 3 months) so you know how hard it's gonna be, but you also know it gets easier day after day.

So stay strong, join us in the January quitters club and post whenever you need some advice, company or just somewhere to have a good ole rant! :)


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