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Day 13

I havent posted on here in a few days...just wanted to let everyone know how im getting on.Im on my q3th day and so far so good. As I have mentioned before I am using the electronic cig to help me...and its going great. The past few days I have hardly touched it...and Its mostly been at night when Im watching the TV. Im not really getting that many cravings tbh. Im at the point where the thought of smoking again turns me Ive been out a few nights this week with smokers and that was hard...but its getting better.

Im feeling okay too. My joints are sore though and I keep getting leg cramps but Ive heard thats normal. Im really proud of myself. I have an app on my phone and so far I havent smoked 190 cigs which IMO would be far higher as I have been out with mates and ive been drinking too.

Really hope everyone is doing good too. WE can do this!!

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Hey really well done! sounds like your very in control of the situation! Im interested though, did you use the Ecig ALOT to start with and just gradually reduced or was you only using a little anyways? Im interested because I find that i Use ecigs and Nrt more and more as time goes on :( xx


Oh at the start I was smoking it non stop. It wasnt out of my hand hardly the 1st week. I had to get more liquid last friday and i had to get a higher maybe thats why. I really hope to stay on this liquid to after Christmas then start to cut down on the strength. I dont vape in the morning. I always try to leave it a good bit before I wake up so I dont get too used to it.


Well done MrTee! That's nearly two weeks in the bag you're flying :)

Like you I started off with the e cig. I was of the mindset well it's better than fags so I'll keep using it. Then after a few days it was just the early mornings/evenings - now I can honestly say it's not been touched since Tuesday :)

My point being MrTee and Nikki you don't have to become addicted to them. Mine is listed as 12 mg cart. I suppose it's that I don't get the "hit" of a real fag that stops the craving for it.

Now cravings for real cigarettes is another matter entirely:eek::eek::eek::eek:

Hope this helps


Its really helped me, so im grateful for it. Im the opposite I get an even bigger hit from the ecig!! I was off the cigs for 10 days earlier this year and when I started again it felt like I was smoking air. I get a real strong hit from mine. Although maybe thats because mine is 24. When I firsr got one years ago they sold me 36mg and OMG it blew the head off you!!


36mg!! what the hell!? lol Who would need that much no wonder it blew your head off! :D Yeah it sounds like you two are controlling your use more than me! Maybe where im going wrong xx


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