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WELL - from a grown woman as well !


popped into my local Tescos the other day .....

Walking behind a young woman smoking and do you know what !

Just iINSIDE the entrance she turned around and tossed her cig butt out onto the floor just in front of me !

I couldn't believe just how BAD that was ! Got the full stench blown in front of me and as if that was not bad enough she thought she'd try and burn me.

I was so furious so mad grrrrrrrrrr.......Still shaking my head in dis belief !!! :mad::mad::mad:

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Last time was in Tesco's just got to the check out, voice came over the Loud speaker. Could the person who has just put a packet of sausages in his jacket, put them back please and leave the shop.

Although I seem to remember I was buying the white sticks, and I must have smelt terrible, you don't realise at the time how terrible that smokers smell is.

I try to visualise that smell to help me in my quit. :)


Dirty Mare :mad: It's bad enough that some people don't give a toss about the stench they create but to wilfully throw the dog end down - yeuch. I can't stand a litter bug at the best of times, and these shops do have bins with metal tops to stub out the fags right outside the door. The OH is always whispering "Shut up" when I loudly proclaim "Did you see that???" or I say "You're welcome" to the person who doesn't say thank you when I've let them go first or held the door for them.


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